What is the “WORK”…….

What is the “WORK”…….

I want to talk about “The Work”  and what exactly that term means, as you probably see it being thrown around a lot.

For me (an ex-passive healing type) I feel I really started doing “the real work” five years ago.

But before I share with you what “The Work” is, I want to share with you what it isn’t:

😒 The work isn’t going to a yoga class

😒 The work isn’t going to see a healer, psychic or channel

😒 The work isn’t being all love and light

😒 The work isn’t trying to please others

😒 The work isn’t in the reading the books

😒 The work isn’t meditating

😒 The work isn’t in the crystals or the oracle cards

😒 The work will not be found anywhere outside of you

😒 The work is never about putting your well-being in someone else’s hands 

There is nothing wrong with yoga and heck meditation is amazing! I love crystals, oracle cards and books! And sometimes we need to consult with a doctor, health specialist or therapist!

I’m all for all of those things but just to be clear they are not the work.

Passive healing is so 90’s hahaha! But also people pleasing and bypassing are most definitely not the work.


 🦋 Is having courage to go deeper into your wounds

 🦋 Is allowing yourself to be vulnerable

 🦋 Is facing the (internal) fire, choosing to walk into and (trusting you will walk out of it), instead of burying your head in the sand

 🦋 Its choosing to use to use your voice instead of being the agreeable people pleaser

 🦋 Its choosing to explore your internal landscape to see what unconscious baggage you may be carrying around, thats draining the fuck out of you and dampening your wildfire of passion for life

 🦋 Its putting your own emotions above anyone else’s

 🦋 Its offering yourself your own deepest presence in times of dedicated stillness

 🦋 Its taking time to listen to what your body and Soul are actually guiding you toward and telling you in any given moment

 🦋 Its listening to that niggling feeling and choosing to explore it deeper with curiosity and compassion 

 🦋 Its owning your absolute unique truth, your soul essence and saying no to cookie cutter society expectations 

 🦋 Its listening and honouring your body’s needs when it is tired, hungry, burnt out and needs rest etc

 🦋 It’s knowing that you are not broken and that there is nothing wrong with you, and that this is a lie we have been fed as women over time to keep us from our own expansive feminine power and gifts

 🦋 It is a devotion to being who you came here to be, your own authentic self expression – whatever that is for YOU!

AND so I say –

💪 Fuck “normal”

💪 Fuck cookie cutter

💪 Fuck ignorance

💪 Fuck fitting in

💪 Fuck dimming our light for others

💪 Fuck silence when you want to scream

💪 Fuck polite

💪 Fuck agreeable

💪 Fuck playing small

💪 Fuck everything that keeps us from expressing our own inner wildfire, our cosmic shimmer, 

For me my message has been loud and clear this year, My Soul wants me to open and expand even deeper into the truth of who I am and this is why I have been dedicated to “my work” more than ever over the last 10 months. I’ve upped the ante and gone to places I never thought I would go, but I did AND I survived and am here letting my light shine brighter than ever!

I want to be honest with you it’s not the easy path to choose, it is a path for the fearless, courageous heart and if you are here then I believe it is the path for you!!!!!

So I would love to know beautiful, do you feel deeply connected to your true authentic self? Are you expressing yourself in ways that make you feel happy and listening to your body, your needs and your intuition? 

If the answer is yes then babe I am bloody stoked for you! If the answer is No then babe I am also stoked for you, because it’s in your awareness and honesty with yourself that you can start “The Work ” and begin to connect to your wildfire, your truth, your Soul essence and that is so fricken exciting!

If you are being called then you can check out my offerings which include coaching and retreats – Next SOUL GLOW retreat is February 2021 with limited spaces left. Also you can follow me on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK for inspiration and deep truths to guide you into living your most authentic juicy life ever.

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