What is Manifesting all about?

What is Manifesting all about?

I want to talk to you about Manifesting and The Law of Attraction. My first experience with manifesting was after I watched The Secret back in 2006. I was instantly hooked and so excited, it just resonated with my Soul so much. And so I got to work with my first ever “manifestation” which was flowers, I was asking the universe for some flowers, they say the trick is not to figure out how they will come to you, but just to imagine how you would feel when receiving what you are asking for arrives and knowing it is on its way, having trust and faith that when you ask it is always given.

And so I kept my vision strong with excitement in my heart and a few days later I was driving home from work, stopped at a set of traffic lights on Beaufort st someone was knocking on my car window and I wound it down only to be given a long stem red rose from a girl who was promoting a florist for upcoming Valentines day.

I couldn’t believe it, it worked! I knew I was onto something and got obsessed with manifesting for a while, I have manifested so many things in my life so far including a six figure payment (made up from 3 completely separate random payments), many holidays and more offers that I have turned down, a car and so much more (I’m basically using the bigger examples here).

Whether you believe in it or not your thoughts and feelings are constantly attracting to you – either what you want or what you dont want! So it seems straightforward this manifesting thing , yet is so elusive to so many! You must think about what you do want MORE THAN what you dont want (which all of our minds are conditioned to). But its not just the thinking about what you want, you need to tie this with a feeling, a feeling that is super genuine – this is the part that people trip up on. You see you cant trick the universe, if you feel for example unworthy on a deep level (sometimes we are not even aware this is how we feel and the core beliefs we carry about ourselves), then you cant “pretend” that you feel worthy of what you are asking for, you have to get to a place where you can actually start to feel worthy of what you want. This is a process.


Step One: Become aware of your core beliefs about yourself

To uncover what negative core beliefs you may be harboring you will need to start to become the observer of your thoughts throughout your day. Start to pay attention to the way that you speak to yourself in different situations and how YOU FEEL, do you belittle yourself? Tell yourself that you couldn’t possibly be, do or have xyz? Do you feel angry. anxious and fearful? Make note of repetitive thought patterns and the feelings associated with them.

Some of the main core beliefs are : I am not worthy, I am not lovable, I am not good enough, I am not safe, I am a bad person, I am not smart, but there are many more, just see if you can pinpoint your main one to start with, most people have multiple but you can just work with one at a time.

It can also help to uncover your core belief to think about the first time you may have felt this feeling. Most likely as a child, but if you cant remember its ok, we dont need to go back to where it began to be able to heal it. Then take some time to yourself to just breathe and journal around these observations and choose the belief that resonates with you the most.

Step Two: Start to disassociate from the feeling

Obviously we are not going to jump from feeling unworthy to worthy overnight but we can definitely start to diffuse the feeling little by little.

Finding examples that prove that this belief is not true, and using soothing thoughts to move away from this feeling. We want to slow down the momentum of this negative belief (and its probably got a lot of charge to it since you have had it since childhood). So its not about telling yourself i am worthy because you dont believe it so try to find something to tell yourself that you do believe no matter how small it is..example: I am really good at helping others, I am a good friend, I am caring towards other, just find a general statement that is true that doesn’t feel like a lie. Look for as many statements as you can that are true and feel good to start to lift your vibration, this is the real start of the process.

Step Three : Spend more time thinking about what you DO want!

We all know what we dont want, we spend most of our lives thinking about it, telling people about it and worrying about it! But do you know what you DO want? Cause if you dont know then how can the universe send it to you. Take some time one day uninterrupted to think about what your ideal day, week, month and year would look like. Its a super fun exercise to get clear on what you want to call into your life. How would you spend your days if there were no limitations – financial, health etc. Start to really break down your day from the time you wake. For me my days are a mix of self care (yoga, meditation, reflection time), nourishing food, working on my business, time with friends and family and in nature plus more, what would yours look like? Once you get clear on how your future life looks you want to think about it as often as you can and get excited about it, genuine excitement knowing that this life is available to you, if you are willing to spend some time on this work and changing your thoughts.

Step Four : Trust in the power of the Universe

It’s your vision, combined with the feeling and trusting (surrendering and letting go of controlling the outcome) that will manifest your desires. Its all about FEELING GOOD. That is the bottom line, but its not surface level good, its deep seated feelings of joy and worthiness and happiness. We can all get to these feelings it may take more time for some than others.

So that is my mega manifesting process, tap into joy as often as you can, do what you love and brings you those genuine feelings of HAPPINESS, the more you do this the more you will manifest!

If you would like any help with core belief work, re-writing old patterns and manifesting then you can contact me to inquire about my Coaching services caryn@soulsparkle.com.au

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