In the last few days I’ve been thinking about the power of a question.

Asking questions – to ourselves and others creates space to invite answers and wisdom and insights in. When we want to connect someone on a deeper level we ask them questions and we are interested and invested in hearing the answers, this strengthens and grows our relationships. This is how we form our closest friendships and partnerships in life.

It’s the same for cultivating the most closest relationship with yourself, we need to practice the art of self inquiry. I’ve had so much spiritual progress  and growth through self inquiry. Most of us want to know about ourselves and we want answers to why we are the way we are, and how we can change certain aspects of ourselves or move through issues we are facing.

Without the power of question we are just surface level. We don’t look for more and just accept what is. It doesn’t have to be this way. Things dont really change and we stay stuck. Imagine trying to grow a friendship or relationship where you never asked each other questions. You would get nowhere fast. Its the same with yourself, asking questions is what will open your whole inner world up to you.

When we do start inquiring man things get interesting, because when you ask, it is always given. This governs all vibrational aspects whether its is a question asked in thought or spoken or the manifestation of a material object. The universe delivers it all, we just have to be in a place of non resistance for long enough to receive the answer or solution or the material object.

Since I originally wrote this post, I have had some powerful powerful shifts through asking questions and meditating on them. Things I have been longing for are happening, change is happening like magic. I am just in awe of the power of a question. So lets look at an example of an issue many people suffer with – sugar addiction. So in contemplating this question, instead of coming from a victim mentality like “why me”,”why cant I stop eating sugar”  and beating yourself up about it etc, you want to approach it differently, frame your question in a way that implies that your issue has already been solved!!!!! Example : “How did I transcend this sugar addiction to become the healthy, clean eating guru and inspirational person I am today!”. Make out your issue is already solved, see yourself in the new light that wish to be in and take time to ask this question, you can journal around it or meditate on it, even just ask it a few times during the day to put the vibration out into the universe. Trust that the answer will come to you.

Invest in yourself by asking questions and be open to the answers from a higher intelligence not from the lower mind. To meditate on it find some quiet, drop into your body, ask the question and stay in your body using breath or any other embodiment techniques, listening not with your mind but with our whole body. Otherwise write this question at the top of a piece of paper, close your eyes and ask it in your head and take some deep breaths…..then start to write whatever comes to you, dont think about it , just write, let it come from your higher mind not your lower mind.

It may not come straight away but keep doing this, it may come to you through another person or a sign or a book or a song lyric. Just be motivated enough to ask and open enough to receive 💓 Asking questions makes us GROW and EVOLVE, it takes us beyond surface level. I would love to hear of your experiences with this, you can comment below.


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