CHELSEA JOY – Yoga + Tantra Teacher + Crystal Child

Chelsea Joy is the eternal gypsy from California! She moved to Australia to pursue her master’s degree and after graduation decided to follow her heart instead of her head, embracing her passions instead of becoming stuck in the box of expectation.

Chelsea branched out into learning alternative modalities of healing to create a sense of well-being for others through yoga, reiki, healing through crystals, and Tantra. Chelsea is very passionate about creating a safe space where people can connect in with themselves and believes it is in this space where we ultimately learn that all healing is done from within; sometimes we just need someone to gently guide us and give us the tools to do so.

Her own yoga practice changed Chelsea’s life so much that she knew she wanted to give that same gift to people who might be going through challenging times and need a safe haven for clarity and peace, or those who simply need a bit of uplift and self-care in their lives.

Chelsea feels it’s her life work to guide others to see to see that their own wellness blossoms from within, and often that which holds us back mentally and physically stems from false doubts we hold about our abilities.

She is also very passionate about introducing others to crystal energy through jewellery, and loves leading workshops where people learn to connect with the energies they need!