TIME : 5.30PM-7.30PM

VENUE : THE YOGI HUNTER – 77A Ashburton Street, East Victoria Park

Map + Parking click here


That which we do not bring to consciousness appears in our lives as fate.” — Carl Jung

The divine feminine energy is rising in the universe, she has been showing us with the destruction of the old paradigms and the falling of our outdated systems, and now is the time for us to listen. Now more than ever we are really being called to listen and tap into our own Divine Feminine – our intuition, feminine flow, feeling, being, nurturing, healing and magnetizing qualities.

The moon represents the feminine and Cancer (governed by the moon) season represents water, emotions, intuition and all of the same divine femine aspects as well as home – which means not just our physical body home, our family and our home of ALL homes – Planet Earth.

This is THE perfect time to do this work to release the shadows and guide you on your divine path and in doing so allow that flow on effect out into the world

Join me under the super powerful Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn – the third and final one of this Cancer – Capricorn eclipse gateway (which started on the 5th June) to tap into this hugely transformative energy that is here to accelerate our consciousness, growth + Soul mission.

Lunar (Full Moon) eclipses are BIG Release point – All eclipses are powerful portals in time that activate our destiny 

The eclipse is on July 5th Perth time

There is something magical and wildly powerful about women gathering in sacred circle, it is the collective energy rising of our mother earth and has the power to create life. Working with the cycles of the moon and women coming together in ritual has been around for thousands of years. When we come together, open our hearts, take off our masks, be vulnerable in our truth and create with intention under the moon – it amplifies our intuition , our Soul connection, our mystical practices and has a profound power to bring about magical change to our lives.

The evening will include:

Guided Soul connection to get clear messages on what it is you REALLY need to release and let go of, sometimes it’s not what we think it is but something much deeper

Brief chat about the effects of the current energies and how to work with them

Heart connection and opening practices

Sparkling rosewater – to raise your vibration

Releasing rituals to let that shit go and create space for the new

Quiet contemplation and journaling

Sharing circle

This is a sacred women’s circle where we will work through powerful practices to tap into this eclipse energy to let go, so we may raise our vibrations and create energetic space for the new to flow to us effortlessly. No experience necessary x

We really are just one big soul sprinkled through different bodies

Spaces are strictly limited due to COVID restrictions, these circles always sell out so please be sure to book your space HERE ASAP

Caryn xx