Connecting to your soul is the ultimate self love practice, they go hand in hand. As you grow your self love practices you cannot help but form a bond with your soul where you can get to know yourself on the deepest level possible. After growing this connection with your soul, you can then start to work with it to release suppressed emotions and feel that unconditional love which is the essence of our soul that resides within all of us, our true identity. When we finally feel worthy from within and allow this love to flow through us, this is when your real life begins and you can truly attract to you anything you want.

This is where it starts. So instead of looking externally and filling your voids and distracting yourself with things such as social media, tv, attention seeking, social acceptance, unhealthy relationships, addictions, eating, shopping etc we need to do the inner work.

Sometimes looking at all the areas you want to change in your life feels totally overwhelming, not knowing how you are going change it all. Instead of looking at different areas which is what a life coach focus’s on, we only look at one thing….YOU!

This is the only thing you need to focus on and then everything you want will automatically come to you. This is what has been spoken about in ancient texts and a message that has come so clear and has proven to me time and time again.


The aim of this program is to connect and introduce you with your higher self or soul, so that you may grow your bond and form a relationship like no other you have ever experienced. This is the most important relationship you will ever have in this lifetime.

I want to empower you to become your own guru and will take you through the methods I use myself on a daily basis that  allows me to connect to my true self, my soul and strengthen my bond. As I get to know my soul, which is the truest part of me, it allows me to be more loving and compassionate to myself and others.

Connecting to your soul rather than seeking advice from healers or psychics or spirit guides helps you receive clear messages that come direct from your higher self, this part of you holds all the wisdom and knowing from your past, from past lives and your future life, it has ALL THE ANSWERS. This is what we all have available to us, every single one of us has this ability to connect, it’s like a muscle that you need to strengthen and a friendship that you need to grow. With practice comes trust and clarity.

Through this program you will learn :

  • How to connect with your higher self
  • How to raise your energy vibration or chi which is your energetic life force currency that we get from sun, water, food and air. When you raise your vibration you start to become more in tune with your body also and start to realize how incredibly intelligent it is and what it can do for you and does already
  • How to release suppressed emotions – we all carry trapped emotions deep within our cells, every time we suppress a emotion it does not go away, it stays with us and left can turn into illness and disease
  • How to refill yourself with unconditional love and complete worthiness
  • Learn how to deal with your emotions in a healthy way
  • Get clear messages from your soul
  • Learn the art of forgiveness – forgiveness has the power to transmute heavy energies in our lives and release them, I always say its not about having the forgive something awful someone did to you, but forgiving the person, knowing they are only doing the best with what they have been given in life.
  • How to connect with and open your heart – our heart is where we connect to our soul and is also the centre of group consciousness – we need to open our hearts to heal ourselves and experience  a deeper connection to ourselves and others, this is were we relate to everyone on a soul level, not a physical level, we see beyond the body and deeper into others souls.
  • Meditation practices

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