I like to think that I’m pretty chilled person, I do a lot of good things for myself and felt like I had self care down pat and am always working on the self love – I meditate daily, I do my inner work, I have a yoga practice and enjoy nature – all the chill things.

BUT something has really hit me this week about slowing the fuck down even more, it’s like everything I thought I knew about relaxing, surrendering, trusting and finding stillness to align within actually landed in my brain. It’s almost like on the outside I had slowed down but not so much on the inside. BANG! Total ah ha moment for me. I mean in a lot of ways I have quietened my inner world from what I used to be like. But there is a whole other level of stillness, of surrender of deep rooted peace that is calling me, its like Ive never been aware that I can go even deeper.

So much about what I teach and practice is about slowing down and that when we release resistance we then become a magnet to attract what we desire in our lives, but if we are still living in a masculine and yang mindset trying to force, control outcomes, push, manipulate then we are still in resistance and we are definitely not in a state of trust.

So I asked my grief this week what it could teach me so that I may help others through my own pain and this is what it is teaching me, its showed me that even though on the outside I was chill, my head was still running on an outdated mode of living – of trying to prove my worth through being so mentally busy and go go go, always feeling like I wasn’t doing enough. So I am slowing the fuck down, I am releasing resistance, I am actively choosing to surrender as much as I can and connecting o my worthiness within.

I know that all stress keeps the body inflamed, that includes mental stress and so I am going even deeper into my feminine energy, yin energy for a little while as I grieve. If you know you need to slow the pace down whether physically or mentally here are some tips you can try of things I will be doing for the next few days


  • Giving myself heaping doses of self compassion – soothing self talk and positive validation
  • Resting without guilt
  • Having dedicated time away from work
  • Having time off the digital world (hello post scheduling :))
  • Walks in nature
  • Cooking
  • Meditation – you can listen to my yoga nidra on insight timer app or any of the other thousands of meditations on there
  • Tapping (EFT) – start here for information on tapping, more to come about this incredible tool

Im giving up the need to DO to feel worthy or to be busy, taking action to justify my worth. Ive come to realise that I keep myself so mentally busy with mental to do lists that go for days, if not years. This is all a part of knowing out worth. We don’t need to DO anything to be worthy, we already are!

Ahhhhh I can already feel a difference slowing down the last few days is having on my nervous system and in turn my mental and emotional health. If you need some help slowing down or are curious about any of the practices I listed please reach out for more resources. And if your looking to take slowing down to the next level then join me in September 14th in Bali for a week long SOUL GLOW retreat, hit this LINK to see all the incredibleness on offer and to grab your space as we have just over 4 weeks to go.

With love

Caryn xxx

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