Sacred feminine energy is rising on the planet – can you hear the call to slow down?

Sacred feminine energy is rising on the planet – can you hear the call to slow down?

I know a thing or two about slowing down and resting being a double Taurus AND a Projector in Human Design.

My friends used to say when I was in my 20’s that if sleeping was an olympic sport I would surely be bringing home the gold..every…time…and now it makes sense to me. As soon as I found out my design I cried tears of happiness,I felt understood and because it just made so much sense to me and gave me the biggest permission slip ever, but I had soooooo much deconditioning to do in a world that does not encourage or celebrate slow and rest. (If you don’t know about Human Design you can find out about it and get your free chart here.)

So since the past month the message I had been receiving from my Soul was to slow right down, so many signs and a direct message (I even randomly opened an old journal from last year with Soul messages which said – “Slow down Caryn, you choose the pace”.

Radical rest is a quality of the sacred divine Feminine. The feminine essence is slowwwww, she is concerned with rest, pleasure, sensuality, opening, relaxing, being, softening, the senses, your inner world, receiving, intuition, playfulness and magneticity. She is the physical manifestation of universal energy, of everything, she is every living thing on earth.

We know that the feminine (as an energy essence) has not been celebrated, encouraged or even taught to us as a part of life (that is the divine feminine essence that lives within all of us despite our gender). The magic and mystical nature of the sacred feminine has been purposely hidden because of the power it holds. Our emotions have been shut down, we wear armor to keep up with the masculine and patriarchy (alas this is a story for another day). But it is slowly awakening and rising in us all and on the planet, we need this to create balance, harmony and peace – it must start within.

But I don’t need to tell you know it’s hard to slow down, it’s not in our conditioning, it’s not our usual pace and I kept working saying to my Soul “When I finish this I’ll slow down” etc etc and so the universe gave me a dose of anxiety… just to be clear….that it really wanted me to slow the f&ck down!

It had also blessed me with some shallow breathing issues that came with the anxiety, fun times, you know when you just can’t get a full breath in, that type of breathing and so I had to slow everything down to start to regulate my systems.

I’ve been called to just spend time laying under a frangipani tree in my backyard in the afternoons, just laying on the bare grass – that is also regenerating after I successfully killed it all through ignorance and busyness…oh the irony.

And so this practice of me laying on the grass, just synching my breath with that of the divine feminine, of the earth. Being…..letting myself be still, creating space to just be, no phones, no agenda or time limits, just me + the big N – Nature, the sky, trees, the birds chirping around me, the wind and sometimes slight rain drops. Sometimes I cried in frustration at not being able to breathe until finally something shifted and I felt a sense of ease (until the next day where it would all begin again).

But the more I slow down the more I can hear the messages coming through again and loudly ……….”Slow down like you’ve never slowed down before, clean up your energy field, cut out the noise, come home to yourself Caryn, there is so much magic in this for you”. I was told from above this is a radical realignment for me, maybe you are feeling this call too at this moment in your life, maybe that’s why you are here reading this, it’s not by accident you’re here, I know that for sure. 

This is the greatest deconditioning ever, Im talking about not just a lifetime of conditioning but lifetimes within the female ancestral lineage, when I feel called to share these messages I receive its because they are for others too…….I am being asked to crumble my internalized patriarchy to the floor…..…the one that tells me rest is lazy, that I’m worth nothing unless I am constantly working and doing and contributing to society like a good girl, that I don’t deserve to have it all, to rest AND be abundant, to be healthy, whole, in my pleasure AND prosperous…who do I think I am.  There are so many stories and so I am going inwards to clear them, to challenge them, to create a new system, clearing out all the old and installing a brand new one.

This takes a mega slowing down, because we can’t hear the stories and deep patterns ingrained in us with so much noise constantly in our faces, constantly pulling us out of our body, out of feeling, out of creation, out of our truth, out of alignment and out of our Soul. 

We have to come back to our sacred feminine essence , to slow down and find sacred stillness……. It’s hard, more challenging than I thought but I am determined to do things my way and so I am slowing down. I am laying under the frangipani tree, I am synching my heartbeat and systems with the feminine and the earth again, coming home to my true self….to sacred stillness. Trusting I won’t miss out while I am going inwards, that what is for me will not pass me by BUT it will be magnified to me and my electric energy cause….alignment.

Slowing down also relates to the 52nd Gene Key if you’re into that (I highly recommend looking into it if you want to understand yourself, your purpose and life from a cellular dna and mystical level go here. The shadow of this Gene Key is stress and the essence is stillness, of which I am here to master and then guide others through. It is from the stillness that EVERYTHING is born, the universe was born out of stillness yet we are so afraid of missing out. What is for you will never, ever pass you by! AND the universe doesn’t work with time it works with alignment – which is what rest will give you.

Here are a few things I did to come back into my feminine energy and into ‘being” mode and cut out external “noise”, these are available to everyone (AND I am a work in progress as always).

1) Get off social media, this was the first to go – I had recently realized I had been consuming before creating and I want to create instead of watching others create. I had fallen into some comparison mode and it was feeling super icky so I got a VA, stopped scrolling, unfollowed, muted and scheduled posts. So when I do go on there it is from a full heart and a place of genuinely wanting to share something beneficial to all. And in this I rekindle my love of writing which cannot be confined to small squares and limited bios. I am expansive and undefinable.

2) Rest – This is physical rest AND mental rest and specifically rest from fear based thoughts and stories – watch your thoughts and when you hear ones that are fear based you can say – “I choose again, I choose love”. Rest from people who are living in fear and lack, rest from low vibrational energy and energy drainers, rest from anything constantly pulling you out of your body and emotions….anything doing that had to go. AND not needing an excuse to rest, knowing that rest is prosperous, highly prosperous and a part of your”job/work” as a human being.

3) Learnt how to breathe again – Most of us are not breathing correctly, shallow breathing and mouth breathing can cause so many physical problems, diaphragmatic breathing (yogic breath) 10mins x 2 a day will get you back on track – example

Some of my fav breath teachers can be found here – Katie at State of Zen + Annelise at Slings and Roundabouts

4) Gratitude – Make gratitude a daily habit, write down 10 things you are grateful for and fall in love with your life, the key is to feel the appreciation, it truly is the key to abundance.

5) Made nature a priority – daily sun gazing, grass laying, walks around the river, going bush, ocean dips have had such a soothing effect on my nervous system – mother nature is our greatest medicine, we have wandered so far from her and our natural state and we are being called back home.

6) Extreme self- care is a thing. I am having regular get-aways, massages, pampering, baths, ocean swims, self massage, dance classes, naps, being-days, feminine energy days, reflexology, therapy – basically all the cocooning, connection and care I can possibly give myself. All of this is available to you too, you just have to choose it, to choose YOU.

Just from becoming aware and choosing to radically come into being, I received in 1 day of absolute rest – $8k sales, a 3 days getaway incl saunas, my dream retreat photographer plus more smaller things. That is what happened when I finally listened and slowed down. If that can happen in a day imagine what you can receive when this is your natural state.

There is a whole magical amazing world out there that is constantly responding to your vibration and energy field. Tend to your energy above all else. Social media is not a real world and the be all and end all, true life, purpose, pleasure, presence, a f#ck tonne of miracles and mystical experiences await you in the energetic realms ready to manifest into your physical world…..all you have to do is slow down

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I would love to hear if you are feeling the call to slow everything down as well. I am so excited for the process to unravel xxx

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