So far I am shimmering into 2020, are you too babe? I am experiencing so much abundance in so many ways and am definitely receiving it all with grace right into my heart, every word of praise, every booking I receive I take a moment to allow it to land fully into my heart with deepest appreciation. ⠀

This year feels different to me, it feels so more expansive and spacious and full of so much wonder and possibilities, I hope you are feeling this too. ⠀

Maybe it’s because I had an epic light switch on my brain a few weeks ago that showed me exactly what I was thinking all the time (ps. It wasn’t great ). But with this awareness comes an opportunity for me to work on and change my mindset which is what I’ve been doing AND it’s working! ⠀

And so I really wanted to share my current morning rituals that have been allowing abundance to flow to me (and when I talk about abundance it isn’t just financial, I mean abundance of love, of friends, of opportunities and of health etc). These rituals are a mix of mindset and embodiment practices.


Reconditioning statements

So we have anywhere between 40,000 – 50,000 thoughts a day and we are mostly unaware of our thoughts and the stories and patterns we have on autopilot, all of these thoughts generate feelings in our bodies and that creates our vibration and what we are attracting to us.

You may not be aware of your thoughts yet and that is ok, you don’t necessarily have to be aware of them to be able to start to change them. Take a look around your current reality and see what is and isn’t showing up for you that you would like to. The reasons these desires are not showing up is because you have negative and old stories running 24/7 BUT we can start to change this with focus and dedication – this will not happen overnight as I said it takes dedication and a commitment to you to want to change your mindset and we just start with some simple steps.

Basically if we can flood our minds with 1000 – 2000 positive thoughts towards a goal each day we are well on our way to magnetizing that goal to us rapidly.

So the first thing you can do if you are aware of old stories you have in different areas of your life is to write down some of the negative thoughts you have around the topics you want to change, if you are not aware of your thoughts as yet that’s ok, just take an inventory of the areas of your life that are not thriving like you want them to be


Some examples might be – I’m always broke, i’ll never find love, I can’t lose weight, I’ll never be good enough

Then we want to start to create 5-7 positive reconditioning statements that feel true for us. This is slightly different from affirmations, because if we affirm something that our subconscious does not believe then we can actually be drawing attention to that negative story. So it’s super important for us to feel in our hearts and bodies how the statement feel to us.

You can try it now, say as an example you are always broke and then you start to say I am wealthy and abundant – close your eyes when you say it and see how you feel – does it feel true, where do your thoughts go after you say it? Maybe your mind is like Um no you’re most definitely not!!!!

It’s important that these statements feel true, positive and uplifting. So this is where we can using uniting words to make the statement true, using the same example as above but changing it to I AM OPEN TO BEING wealthy and abundant, or I AM READY to receive wealth and abundance.

Uniting words are words like OPEN and READY, they turn the statement into something your subconscious can believe because they are true.

Using this method write your reconditioning statements – you can make all of them about one topic or you can do 1-2 for each topic you want to work one.

Some more examples are: I am ready to feel my enoughness, I am open to money being fun, easy and abundant.



If you haven’t heard of it Scripting is the process of writing down your dreams as if they have already happened. You can do one script for each dream or desire or a scenario you would like to play out in the future.

The key with scripting is to write it in present tense like you are living it right now and focusing on the feelings. Let go of how it’s going to happen as that is not your job, leave the how to the universe. Just get clear on what it is you want and write down like it’s already happening.

Here is a general example

Everything just keeps getting better and better, seriously how does it get any better than this. I love how I am so in the flow of joy and ease and freedom and abundance every day. I am in love with who I am, I feel so proud of who I am. I am so connected to my Soul and Source energy and everywhere I look it’s just more abundance, abundance of love and creative ideas and money. I have such immense gratitude and respect for Source and how every single day it just showers me with more success, abundance, love, surprises and opportunities, my heart just bursts with this feeling of huge joy everyday I am so happy beyond my wildest dreams and everything just keeps getting better and better. Thank you universe for bringing me success in my life.

Write your scripts, have as many as you like for different desires and areas of your life. Make sure you write your scripts when you are feeling good and you can always add new scripts or change them.


Now that you have your statements written out and your scripts here is how we put them to use:

First thing in the morning and last thing at night set a time for min 5 minutes – read your reconditioning statements over and over for the whole 5 minutes without stopping (you can do for longer if you have time)

Next set your timer for another 5 minutes and read your scripts – this may take more or less time, if its less read them again until the time is up.

After you finish sit in stillness and put your hands of your heart and drop into a place of gratitude and receiving, believing all you wnat is your already, just breath here for 5 minutes again – you can keep retreating your new statements or just allow yourself to feel as if they are already happening.

After you do this, it’s important to surrender, this is the one of the biggest pieces of the manifesting puzzle that so many struggle with. Surrendering, trusting that it is there, it is waiting for you to become  a magnet to it, a vibrational match, it’s all there waiting for you to chill out when you are so focused on not having the thing you want you are continually creating a divide between you and the thing. ⠀

When you know and trust in your heart that is already yours, you create a spaciousness that allows it to arrive the easiest way it can to you. 

If you would like to learn more about the art of manifesting I will be sharing more tips in my upcoming retreats in Perth and Bali, see the information below:



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