A journey through the energy centers to embody, embrace and meet your shadows to alchemise them into your gifts + light.

Woman you feel this stirring in your heart and Soul, that there is more for you, it calls to you but feels elusive, unknown and in the darkness, it feels far, out of reach, like you don’t know where to begin…… This is the door you’ve been looking for…

This stirring is your true nature, your true self calling you back home to it, beckoning you, but you don’t know how to get there, your inner compass has been silenced, conditioned by society, the patriarchy, white men/governments telling us what to do, how to feel, more importantly how to not feel, how to look, how to dress, how to speak and express AND IT IS ENOUGH. It is time to come back to who you are.

There is a part of you that is longing for expression, for deep, open hearted, bare bones expression, to roar, to be seen and to be heard. She nudges you every so often, sometimes loudly through sensations, anxiousness and big feelings you don’t know how to express, through a feeling of disconnection and sometimes softly through whispers longing to be heard.

NOW IS THE TIME to stop ignoring these messages, this is the way, THE TEMPLE OF LIGHT. To get to the sacred light within the temple we must go through the shadows first, you are being called to take this path now for a reason, the world needs your light so desperately right now IT’S TIME, there is no more ignoring your feelings and this call for you.

When you hear the call and act upon it…this is the start of the rebirth of magic……..


This is a 3 hour embodiment journey through the energy centres

Embodied shadow work – learn what holds you back and to liberate and release the old patterning, shame stories and wounds that have been running your life. Learn from the point of the body and what it holds not from the mind, this journey is about feeling to heal.

We don’t need to build more armor or to become warrior women, we have enough warrior energy to last a lifetime having had our divine feminine energy repressed by the patriarchy for centuries. It is our warrior energy and armor that has helped us survive but we do not need it anymore. We need to share,  tap into and cultivate our divine feminine gifts with the world, the call for this right now is so strong.

It’s time to see what lies in our shadows, to turn towards it, to feel it and face it AND LOVE IT.

It’s only when we can welcome, love, forgive and embrace what is there that we can let go of the armor and let our true essence of radiant, luminescence flow through us,

When we can start to reach the places inside of us that have been barricaded/shunned/closed off for so long to gently and consciously energetically open and soften them we can allow our DIVINE FEMININE GIFTS OF receptivity, creativity, intuition, authentic expression,  open heartedness, magnetism, rest and play as medicine to rebirth into the world and IMAGINE what a world it would be if all women would do this and we blossom open and rise together.

It’s time to uncover and nourish our divine feminine gifts, this is our birthright
This is the time to sync your heart beat with that of the earth, to come back into true alignment, to let go of everything you were ‘told’ and ‘taught’ you ‘should’ be.

Feminine embodiment + Soul Energetics practices
Opening Ceremony + Aura/Energy cleanse
Discourse – The importance of de-armouring and opening to our divine feminine essence, Shadows and Gifts through the energy centres
Practices – Using the pillars of embodiment to access blocked + frozen energy in the body to liberate, release and alchemise to reveal your gifts.
Sparkling Rosewater + sweet healthy treats
Tools to take away to continue integration + support for your journey

If we want to open our hearts we must have an awareness of our feelings
It’s time to embody your TRUTH, your Power + expression – come and walk with me through the TEMPLE OF THE LIGHT.

This is a women’s only event and inclusive to all women, No experience necessary, please email me if you have any questions at all : caryn@soulsparkle.com.au

Terms + Conditions: Refunds will only be given if this event is cancelled by the host, if you cannot make the event you may gift your space to another
If you cannot make the event due to contracting Covid a credit will be offered.