Beautiful Soul, you know in your heart that there is more calling to you in this life…

You dream about:

 💞 Feeling so connected to your intuition and authentic self

💞 Having more deep and meaningful connections with others

💞 Loving who you are FULLY (very part of you, imagine that?)

💞 Knowing your own unique gifts and sharing them with the world

💞 Connecting to your joy every day rather than feeling like you’re simply going through the motions

💞 Tapping into your Soul’s Purpose

💞 Having boundless energy

💞 Living a life with meaning, and filled with abundance

You want to feel so worthy of everything you desire and have unwavering faith that you can create the life of your dreams, right?

I so get it, because I’ve been there too.

Over the last ten years I’ve been guided by my own Soul to realize my own massive potential and life purpose…

… dharma as they call it in the yoga world. I am in daily connection with my Soul and living from my most authentic self, not to say that I am perfect, this is a journey and there is always more to uncover to grow and evolve along our paths. But I am living in my joy and its when I raised my own inner vibration that my whole outer world started to change to reflect my new loving, compassionate feelings towards myself back to me.

Beautiful, I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed with life’s current circumstances and not know where to start on this journey back to who you really are. My life used to look very different than it does today, I worked in a 6-figure corporate job and spent my weekends partying hard, but inside me I was yearning so deeply for more purpose and connection, I knew there was more for me, but I had no idea what! Maybe that’s how you are feeling too?

I have also experienced heartbreaking loss and tragedy and I spent half my lifetime running away from myself and my emotions, feeling disconnected from my Soul, going from toxic relationship to toxic relationship and not knowing what my life purpose was.

Now I’ve turned my whole life around to be completely unrecognisable from those old days

It all started when I was unknowingly guided by my Soul to study Nutritional Medicine, I was then guided to leave my comfy corporate job to live in the country (which was a BIG move for me), connect to spiritual practices and nature. Then after having the courage to leave a toxic relationship and move back to the city with nothing but a whole lot of faith, I became obsessed with personally studying emotional healing techniques, learning about different modalities and the psychology behind them. I had a lot of self healing to do and so set about my journey.

Fast forward to now. I have…

  • Discovered my life purpose
  • Cultivated deep connections in my life that are so fulfilling and rewarding
  • Overcame my inner critic
  • Learnt healthy boundaries
  • A  successful dream business helping the most amazing women and running international retreats
  • Overcame social anxiety
  • Broke through my biggest fears that were holding me back
  • Let go of judging myself
  • Learnt how to connect to my Soul on the daily and live in my highest purpose

I’ve gone from party girl (Yep I was always the last one standing) to purpose driven, putting my self care and and inner happiness above everything else.

I know exactly how it feels to want more for your life but not know where to start.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve done a LOT of inner work, have seen countless healers, spiritual teachers, studied esoteric teachings, nutrition, tantra, yoga, meditation and I FINALLY GET IT…that all of the answers really are within me, as they are within you too.

My spiritual toolbox is now set with the most amazing practices that have massively upleveled and transformed my life and I want to share them with so you can become your own trusted teacher.

No matter what your story is or where you are on your journey, I know that You too have unique gifts and a message that only you can bring to this world. I support you to see your light, even if you may not see it just yet.

My programs and guidance can teach you to:

  • Connect with your higher self so you feel alive and in tune with your higher guidance system
  • Raise your energy vibration or chi which is your energetic life force currency that we get from the sun, water, food and air – so you become a magnet for all the good stuff
  • Become aware of the mind and the noise that it creates and how you can turn it down on the daily (so that you can truly tap into your soul’s voice!)
  • Tune into your body and become friends with it, you will learn how incredibly intelligent it is and what it can do for you and does already (it’s so amazing ; ))
  • Release suppressed emotions – we all have trapped emotions deep within our body, every time we suppress an emotion it does not go away, it stays with us and can turn into illness and other symptoms – learning to release them creates space for our life force energy to flow
  • Feel what it means to live in alignment – living a life of ease instead of controlling and forcing things to happen for you
  • Live a life from a place of peace and calm – when we learn to respond to our external environment instead of react
  • Refill yourself with unconditional love and complete worthiness – this is who we really are
  • Deal with your emotions in a healthy way and know there is no such thing as good and bad emotions and how to welcome all of them with love
  • Get clear messages and guidance from your Soul so you can move in the direction of your dreams and life purpose
  • Learn the art of forgiveness – forgiveness has the power to transmute heavy energies in our lives and release them
  • Connect with and open your heart – our heart is where we connect to our Soul and is also the centre of group consciousness – we need to open our hearts to heal ourselves and experience a deeper connection to ourselves and others, this is where we relate to everyone on a Soul level, not a physical level, we see beyond the body and deeper into each others souls.
  • Meditation + visualisation practices – to embody and amplify your connection to yourself, your body and Soul and start to create that lasting relationship that is going to forever change your life


I will lovingly guide you to reconnect to your heart, body and intuition (Soul), and I want you to know that this is something that is available to everyone, not just for some. We all have the ability to hear the wisdom and messages of our Soul clearly so we can receive the highest guidance and truth for our life path. It’s a journey back to wholeness – back to the authentic you (and boy is she magnificent!)

In the last few years since realising I have this gift of guiding women to connect to their higher selves, I have helped countless women meet and grow their relationship to their higher self, their SOUL. Women just like you who have uncovered new purpose and passions and are connecting to their cosmic shimmer on a daily. Things they didn’t even know were possible are their new reality!

There have been amazing downloads about new business ideas, newfound relationship bliss, increased abundance and feelings of peacefulness and joy. More living a life that is on purpose instead of being on default and more feelings of fulfilment and appreciation.

I’ve done all the groundwork and I want to help you reconnect to your higher self… your Soul. I have qualifications in Feminine Embodiment, Sensual Embodiment, Nutritional Medicine, Yoga, Tantra, Yoga Nidra and Meditation and for many years I have personally studied and embodied many different healing techniques and esoteric teachings, I know that with an open heart I can lovingly teach you how to make this connection.




  • You feel a deep calling to reconnect to your Soul, Intuition + Femininity
  • Your getting those Soul tingles in your body just reading this
  • You want to live a heart based life
  • You are willing to commit to and do this work and know that it is only YOU that can change your own life, so long as you are taking responsibility for it and driving towards positive changes
  • Your heart and Soul are saying YES, YES, YES
  • You are ready to take ownership of your life
  • You are ready to learn new tools to propel you forward
  • You are so ready to uplevel your life
  • You are ready to look at your mindset, willing to let go of old stories so you can step powerfully into a new higher vibrational version of you

The more you can be open, vulnerable and real the more you will get out of this program.


  • You don’t believe in spirituality, the mysteries or anything that is intangible
  • You are not ready and willing to take ownership and responsibility for your life
  • You are looking for someone else to heal you or fix you
  • You are not willing to invest in yourself
  • You don’t have any spare time to implement new practices in your life – meditating in the car whilst driving is not a thing!!
  • You are not ready or willing to make any changes
  • You are not open to learning how to trust yourself and all of the power that you hold
  • You just want to talk about your problems – a counsellor may be a better fit

Connecting to your Higher Self is a lifelong practice, it’s not something you do once, but a relationship that must be tended to like any relationship you wish to grow, this IS the most important relationship in your life.


I had been looking for some sort of coaching for a while, and when I saw Caryn’s Soul Coaching I intuitively knew this was what I needed to do, even though I wasn’t entirely sure what soul coaching actually was. What transcended was life-changing. It is hard to put into words what actually happens in soul coaching and I imagine it would be wildly personal… But for me, it was a process of slowing down, looking inside, stripping away fears, finding a connection to my inner self, and then deepening that connection through different daily practices. Over time, connecting to my soul become a natural and almost automatic thing to do at different moments throughout the day. This feels amazing and gives me a sense of strength, calm and joy in my day, which I didn’t previously have…

I write this from my hotel room in Amsterdam as I start a new job in a new world. I am out of my comfort zone, but feel safe and able to take on this challenge, due to my connection to myself and my soul. My daily practices have traveled with me, and are serving me well.

Working with Caryn is the most beautiful, expansive, freeing, sensory and soulful thing you could do for yourself. Everyone should do this at some point in their life. – Clare Johnson

“I’ve had the privilege of soul connection sessions with Caryn and the results have been amazing. Through connecting with my soul, and myself – I have been able to make some breakthroughs into things in my life that were holding me back (without me realising). I’ve been able to let go of a lot of things that weren’t serving me, and have finally been able to learn to love myself – and put “me” first. Through doing this my life has been transformed – not only am I happier, but my kids and husband are too…and all I’ve done is work on myself. It’s even impacted my business, as I’ve been able to clearly see what’s working for me, and what’s not and make positive changes. Things are so much clearer to me now. Working with Caryn has been absolutely amazing, I recommend it for anyone at all, especially if you are feeling lost and need to look within.” – Kristy Morton

More praise for Caryn’s work

Thank you for your openness, thank you for the space you provide and the amazing gifts you give us all in the form of support and wisdoms. My life has been changed by the wisdom you have given me and I so look forward to more – Lauren

As usual you are so full of wisdom beyond your years! We are so fortunate to have you in this world supporting women and reminding us we are all so strong and beautiful. – Dee

Caryn you have changed my life. Which has given me the confidence to spread the word and help others. Thank you for all that you do for us and the universe. – Emilie

You have inspired me and because of that I keep believing I CAN! I am so looking forward to seeing you and hearing you speak again. Truly inspirational – Tanya

“When you start to realise that your life is a form of dream……your life will become more dream like” – Aaron Doherty