1:1 – 90 minute Soul Immersion session

1:1 – 90 minute Soul Immersion session

You asked and I listened, babes! I am now offering 90-minute Soul Coaching intro sessions to give you a glimpse of this powerful life changing work. Limited bookings available for the end 2020.

This is a special 90-minute immersive session that includes a heart to heart chat and a mini lifestyle analysis where we will look at your energy vibration and you will receive clear personalized practices to take away on how to raise it. These simple but powerful practices are designed to create more space in your life devoted to loving you and your Higher-Self, to relax you, shift your energy, mood and help you to become a magnet for all that you desire.

You can begin to understand how your Soul speaks to you (ps.It may not be how you think ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and start to form a connection to grow your relationship to your Soul/Higher self. Then we will drop into our embodied Soul session as I guide you to connect.

I love working with heart-based women who are ready to awaken to their highest potential and to uncover and share their unique gifts with the world so they can live purposefully, step into their power and create a magical, joyful life, full of cosmic shimmer. Sound like you?

In my work I lovingly guide you to reconnect to your heart, body and intuition (Soul), and I want you to know that this is something that is available to everyone, not just for some. We all have the ability to hear the wisdom and messages of our Higher- Self clearly so we can receive the highest guidance and truth for our life path. It’s a journey to remember your wholeness – back to the authentic you (and boy is she magnificent!)

I love teaching women just like you how to do the deep inner work as I know how powerful it is and I know that it is a pathway to awaken to true freedom, grace and to live authentically from the heart and Soul.

In this 1:1 we dive into:

๐Ÿ’– How to raise your energy vibration to meet your Higher- Self and clearly receive messages from your intuition

๐Ÿ’– Heart resonanceย – amplifying your heart’s electromagnetic field so you can begin to magnetize everything you dream about

๐Ÿ’– How YOU tap into your own unique soul guidance 

๐Ÿ’– An embodiment practice to elevate your life and Soul connection – this 1:1 session includes a guided session to drop you into your body and heart so you can begin the process of connecting to your Higher- Self and nurturing this most important relationship of your life

Includes a pre-questionnaire which will be sent prior to your appointment.

These one on one sessions are conducted online via zoom, before you confirm your booking date, make sure that you are going to be able to have 90-minutes of quiet uninterrupted time, in a space where you can fully relax

Please note: This is not talk based therapy, we will have a brief chat at the start and then will move to the guided session

It’s time to go all in for yourself so you know you are taking care of yourself in the new year.

Investment $249

BOOK YOUR SESSION NOW by emailing caryn@soulsparkle.com.au


Once you have confirmed your date and time you can purchase your session HERE

Please book your session time and day carefully as cancellations with less than 48hrs written notice or no shows will result in your forfeiting your session without a credit. No refunds are given however if you need to change your appointment you can do so with written notice 48hrs prior to your session. Bookings to be rescheduled within a 2 week time frame from the original booking.