New Moon in Libra + Venus Retrograde

Embracing release through conscious healing! Taking our grief and turning into action!

This New Moon is really asking us to sit with our deep rooted emotions so that we can heal them once and for all. All moons bring with them healing work to do, but I feel this one is extra extra extra guiding us towards healing the old, we have so much lunar power on our sides as well as the energies from the Venus retrograde. Can you feel it? Have you been working with a intention? Can you feel things shifting?


The new moon is in the sign of Libra which is about balance and is also ruled by sultry Venus. However the position of Pluto is having a major influence on this new moon. Pluto is the planet that governs loss, grief, healing the past and rebirth.


If you can sit with yourself and go through the phases of emotions, then it will bring you into a new day. Even if you sit and journal or with a friend that you can express your emotions freely with. Whatever it takes to bare your deep wounds, to be vulnerable with them and know that they are nothing you need to run from any longer. You diffuse them by acknowledging them and then you release them, that’s it, you don’t have to relive them at all, in fact the process of being present with them, feeling them and letting go can happen in a matter of minutes.


For me I do this on a very regular basis, I am undoing the backlog of emotions that I have built up over the course of my life. These suppressed emotions are brought to the surface to heal and let go. I am finally starting to see some huge rewards for this ongoing work I have been doing. I mean every time I release something I feel instantly lighter, I literally feel it leave my body and my energy rearrange itself. But right now I am seeing the BIG payoffs, the ones I have been praying for, the ones I have been setting intentions for. It is all coming together now, just as I was told it would. Sometimes we just need to trust, but how can we trust when we are stuck in our own muddy village, when we are stuck in our old patterning and habits that we are longing to change. It’s not easy but you just have to have unwavering trust that you can create change and keep moving forward knowing that this new reality is existing for you when you are ready to meet it there.


We are in the sign of balance and so if we want to find balance we must first take time to sit with emotions and then as we acknowledge them and release them we can feel things not only start to even out but to breathe in fresh new air.


This new moon energy is all about rebirth, the start of a new cycle BUT with Pluto involved it is also about release. Do anything you can to get the emotions flowing, dance, move, scream, sing, run, make love, laugh….whatever you can do….bring it on….let them flow.


Venus is also in retrograde and we are being asked to evaluate where our core belief system has run its course – is it still useful? What negative core beliefs are you still holding onto? Do you feel worthy of love and everything you desire? Do you know that you are enough? Or is there still a voice deep inside of you carrying these beliefs that once made sense to you as a child but are now doing you harm and holding you back. This retrograde is a time to look yourself square in the mirror and look at the parts of yourself you have been running from, what wounds need healing for your souls highest growth? It is time dear ones for massive growth and shifts….there is so much support for this for everyone right now.


When we start to heal ourselves it also heals the collective, we are not separate,  my healing affects all of you and your healing affects me. You don’t need to worry about staying in the heaviness for long, as I mentioned there is fresh air at the end of the tunnel where you will start to see all of the rewards blossom into existence.


So even though we need to sit with our wounds, it’s still a new moon and time to also focus on our deepest intentions we wish to see manifest. Visualise yourself going through this transformational process, shedding your skin like a snake or a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, see the prize at the end of the tunnel, whatever it looks like to you, see it in as much detail as possible and know that it is already existing in reality, waiting for you to catch up to it. Everything is there waiting for you to take off your rose coloured glasses and see it.


If you are in Perth then I would love for you to join me for my Bliss Into Soul – Women’s Self love workshop Sunday 11th November 2018 1.30pm, where we will work with releasing old stories and emotions and rewriting new ones, the workshop will include yoga and meditation and much more, read about it all HERE  💖


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