Moving from Head to Heart for an embodied, Soul rich life….

When we show up to our relationships and life disembodied, in our heads and afraid to be in our hearts we can only be met where we are at.

When we move away from and out of heart into head we go into stories, patterns, blame, guilt, shame and projection, we leave our bodies (if we were ever in them) and we leave our presence (our power) –  meaning we are not in our embodied energy, our heart energy, our Soul, our power, our truth, we are in fear, in a story, in the past……..

This is where the majority of the world is living from……. in their heads, in a frequency of fear, disempowerment, disembodied, in scarcity, riddled with shame and armoured. This is how we are going about our lives relating to one another – from one disempowered inauthentic human to another – acting from wounds, letting our inner victim run our lives.

Our energy can be felt miles away in fact it can be felt by someone from the other side of the world – over the phone, through a screen….our energy doesn’t lie, when we are in our hearts and speaking and feeling from that place we can have a positive, heartfelt interaction and effect on those around us, when we do this we offer others an opportunity to also be open, vulnerable and seen which is a absolute gift in itself. Therefore people who are living authentically from their hearts can change other people’s lives just from them being in their energy field. What an incredible super power THAT we all hold the keys to open. 

Remaining in our hearts while asking loved ones, friends, coworkers, romantic interests for what we truly want and need AND expressing our authentic truth is fucking terrifying, vulnerable and uncomfortable because its not what we have been taught. In our relationships, friendships and in the world we put on masks, say it’s fine, it’s all good, we play the people pleaser or pretend to be carefree or non attached when we are hurting inside or wondering what the other is thinking and feeling. 

Why cant we as humans just say how we really fucking feel, from our hearts? When did this become so hard, why do we have so much shame, armour and walls, why isn’t this being taught everywhere as the way forward to a new earth and a new personal embodied energy frequency? Why can’t this be the new curriculum at earth school? Why isn’t this being modeled to our children and younger generations? Why? 

Because long ago we left our hearts and bodies, we turned our backs on our emotions, feelings and intuition and we don’t know how to return, that’s why. Patriarchal systems said these things were not important and they had no place in a capitalistic world and so we shut down these parts, labeled them and hid them.

We don’t even know what our own truths are anymore or who the real ‘Self’ is, we are entangled and enmeshed in ego and other internal ‘parts’ such as our scared child, warrior, people pleaser, the inner victim etc….we dont even know who the fuck we are (At a Soul/Self level at our core) so how can we know our truth to be able to share it authentically?

If we can begin to learn to become embodied humans, reconnect to our heart, our Soul, our divine sacred feminine energy and gifts, and if we remain in our hearts and stop abandoning ourselves to speak our truth without blame and projection then we not only raise our own vibration and energy frequency but it is also vibrational medicine for the earth AND in living embodied and in Heart + Soul frequency we have a chance to be met and seen there….wow 

When we are in our hearts, we offer others a gift of joining us, to let down their walls and masks too. I believe in your authentic vulnerability most people meet you where you are at, our heart energy is potent and can be truly felt as a vibration of love, compassion and soul truth. Ego energy, armor and masks can be felt also as anger, projection, energy hooks, manipulation, coldness/freeze response/withdrawal and as a protection mechanism to name a few. So what do you want? How do you want to live and show up? What will your legacy be?

If you want to experience a different story, deeper, richer relationships and authentic connections (including to Self), where you feel seen and heard, you have to be willing to open more to the uncomfortable, to the tender parts that yearn for acknowledgement , the parts you hide behind humour, masks and armour.

The guarantee for a new story is in you showing up for you, as YOU, you cannot help but be a magnificent magnet to everything you desire, because it is your natural state under all the walls and masks.

The thing is it is not promised how others will respond or react and when you are in your Self and your Heart and Light that is ok, because you realize you are not responsible for anyone else but YOU. Only you can feel into your own heart to know your truth, this takes practice and courage and radical honesty with Self, because we can sometimes be really great at hiding from ourselves.

“Sometimes being on a different frequency from someone means no matter what you’re saying, that person just can’t hear you” – Maryam Hasnaa

When you show up from your heart + authentic Self and you are met there THIS is a game changer, to be truly, truly seen and witnessed is the biggest gift we can receive as human beings. 

And so where do we even begin this journey of moving from head to heart? 

Here are a few free resources:

Embodiment Practice

Heart Breathing 

Body scan meditation

Journaling feelings/ conscious stream writing

Compassionate enquiry/curiosity – Byron Katie

Practicing authenticity – when you need to share what’s on your heart connect to your heart first, get into Self energy and share from there

Sacred Rage Rituals

Finding people that feel safe, or a group or community (not a cult lol)

Begin becoming aware of your feelings and how you want to react
If you are looking to begin the process of cleaning up your energy field and frequency I highly recommend an energy hygiene practice such as  this Radiance Energy Meditation which is pure vibrational medicine and a baseline practice to begin this work. If you are looking to go deeper I am offering Temple of the Light – in person event on 30th April 2022 in Perth, WA or my 6 day immersive transformational Soul Glow Retreat 4th – 9th June 2022 in Exmouth WA.

I hope this serves you.

With love

Caryn x

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