Sometimes we can fill our schedules up so much that we forget to put aside dedicated time for ourselves, which we absolutely need each day to show up in the world as the best version of ourselves, to achieve everything we want each day and feel happy, connected and grounded.

What I am talking about here is quiet alone time, we need that one on one time so we can hang out with our Soul and get to know and deepen the relationship because it is the MOST important relationship of your life.

I know for me if I don’t take this time for me every day I can get antsy and grumpy, LIKE I feel ripped off. Me time makes everything better….errrrraything!

So I invite you to create your ideal morning ritual, I say morning because really if we can create a morning routine we are totally setting ourselves up for the day.

Here are some examples of what you could include in your morning rituals:

  • Meditation (This can be done anytime not just at the full moons and can give you a powerful release)
  • Walk/swim
  • Yoga or gym
  • Cup of tea (My personal favourite)
  • Listening to music (Create some bomb ass playlists to get you going in the morning or some soothing morning tunez)
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Reflection time
  • Stillness in nature
  • Prayer/ Connection to the Divine
  • Journalling ( this is the exact Journal I have, it is so special)
  • Affirmations (by the affirmation queen Louise Hay)
  • Breast massage
  • Angel card reading (my all time fav deck)
  • Heart breathing
  • Tapping (eft)

Spend some time thinking about what it is you would love to do every morning for YOU! How long would your routine be? What would you do in an ideal world?

For me the time allocated can change but the practices always stay the same (I just shorten them depending on what my daily schedule is like). Some days I spend 2 hours other days its 15 minutes. I know 2 hours may sound indulgent to some but if I have the time to do it I will, because connecting with my soul and being happy are the most important things for me, without them I can’t make anyone else happy.

I have been setting this dedicated time up for me for a while now and I know that for me to feel amazing every day, to feel confident and happy then it is imperative I create my day with my morning ritual. I notice the biggest difference when I have not done this and have to run out of the house in a hurry, I feel a bit anxious and unprepared which can also affect my confidence, so I try to move slowly on purpose in the morning and make sure I have enough time for me as well as what I need to get done.

So what will it take for you to dedicate some ME time for you each morning? I schedule it in my diary as a recurring appointment every morning so that is a good place to start! Also getting over any guilt you may feel for talking this time, know that you cannot be fully present with anyone else if you are not looking after yourself. If you live off adrenaline and coffee then know that it can’t be sustained for long before you hit a burnout. We enrich others lives and can shine so bright when we fill our own cup first, this is not selfish, it is needed. So I invite you to create your routine, schedule the time in your diary (electronic and paper), write out your ritual and keep it by your bed or in the kitchen so you can see it each morning (I have a weekly goals and habits tracker from Kikki K, where I get to tick off my daily goals which are mostly my morning rituals , and boooooooy does it feel good and keep me on track! hahaha I am a bit of a List-a-holic).

You can get creative with your morning ritual depending on what you need, some days you might need stillness and other days your inner child might like to come out and play and dance and sing! Just tune in to yourself when you wake up and you will know what it is you need.

I also decided to buy an ALARM CLOCK so I can leave my phone outside of my bedroom at night, seriously there is nothing worse than waking up to a friends drama story about her date last night over messenger first thing in the morning haha! It’s just not what I NEED WHEN I wake up and can really start the day off on the wrong side of the bed. I cannot wait for my alarm clock diffuser to arrive and to wake up some soothing oil scents, it’s going to be so much better than waking up and checking my phone!So who is in? I hope you are inspired to start a morning ritual if you don’t have one already, remember it can be 10-15 minutes. Try doing this for a few days and notice the difference it makes to your day, what it is doing is getting you in the receptive mode, it sets you up, it allows things to flow and makes you totally not sweat the small stuff. When we are in the receptive mode, we feel relaxed and at ease and this is when we allow things to flow to us without controlling and forcing. The RECEPTIVE ZONE is where it’s at! (READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE)

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