How to stay grounded during eclipse season

How to stay grounded during eclipse season

As we are about to encounter our third and final eclipse for 2018, I know a lot of people are feeling out of sorts. The moon is always about our emotions and feelings and the eclipses only amplify that. An eclipse is where the the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth interrupting the flow of energy and causing a disruption, breaking our habitual behavior with special opportunities to break old patterns.

It’s a time for a cosmic reboot of sorts, where we get to start fresh and choose again. If you are feeling a bit off and dealing with a bit of chaos then here are my top tips for grounding for you.

Immediate grounding techniques:

πŸ’ž If you find yourself in a moment where you are about to lose your shit, you can ask yourself β€œWhat would love do?” This is a powerful question and can stop us in our tracks and help us choose to come from love and not fear, ask yourself “what would love do” when you want to react and the choice will be obvious, love would never judge or attack, love would just love…unconditionally.

πŸ’ž Breathe – doing some deep breathing focusing on extended the exhale for as long as possible is my go to – it activates the parasympathetic nervous system and immediately calms us.

πŸ’ž Use a mantra – When we react to a situation its usually because its triggering a wound in us that we have buried, sometimes too deep. To use a customized mantra play around with a few words and notice how they feel in your body when you say them, use the words that make you feel safe, an easy example is I am Safe.

Daily grounding practices we can use to help us on going:

πŸ’ž Eating root vegetables such as beets, sweet potato etc can help us feel rooted as we take on that earthy energy

πŸ’ž Salt baths, soaking for a min of 20mins in a Epsom salt bath can ground and clear your energy field

πŸ’ž Get into nature – take a stroll around a lush green park or go for that hike

πŸ’ž Essential oils – think tree oils – Cypress, Arborvitae, White Fir, Melaleuca, Frankincense etc

πŸ’ž Raw or good quality chocolate – yes this is your permission slip to medicate with chocolate…think raw cacao hot chocolates each morning to fully ground or a square or two during the day.

πŸ’žTurmeric – add this to errrything! I have been drinking a turmeric and cacao hot drink each morning, I made the recipe myself but you can buy these blends, here is my favourite from Simara blends

πŸ’ž Exercise, yep get out and hot the park or pavement or a grounding yoga class with lots of standing sequences.

πŸ’žΒ  Visualizations – sit for a few minutes focusing on your breath, then take the focus to your sit bones (bottom) and into your hips and pelvis and feel the pull towards the earth, then take your awareness to your tailbone and imagine tree roots growing out of your tailbone down into the earth, imagine big thick roots going down as deep as possible and really anchoring and rooting you down.

πŸ’ž Grounding meditations.

I hope these suggestions serve you.

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