How to drop into your Body + connect to its wisdom

How to drop into your Body + connect to its wisdom

Embodiment is about allowing your Soul essence to flow through you harmoniously, its about creating a relationship with our bodies and the internal felt senses that lay within.

Most of us have never been taught how to connect to our body and therefore we miss out on so much of the wisdom it has to offer us, usually only 10% of our mind intelligence we miss out on the other 90% intelligence that lies within our own body’s .

This is a short guided practice to help you drop into your body and connect to your body based wisdom. You can use the inquiry prompt I give, or you can change it to your own.

This is a great practice to begin to learn to trust the wisdom and language of your own body. Noticing what arises.

This requires a quiet comfortable place, patience and knowing that you do not need to go searching for any answers in your mind.

In time you can use this method to guide you make any decisions you need, big or small.

I hope you enjoy this practice, if you are interested in learning more about embodiment, self-love and soul connection then you can join me for my upcoming women’s SOUL GLOW – SELF LOVE RETREAT 27th February – 5th March 2021 in Margaret River, Western Australia

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