How to Amplify your Manifesting with a friend

How to Amplify your Manifesting with a friend
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How to manifest even more with a friend……..

Sometimes it takes a friend to help you hold your vision in times when you feel fear around it now showing up for you.

Before I explain lets recap on the basic manifesting process first:

1. Ask the Universe for something you desire – be super specific such as I desire x amount of money by x date (Speaking the words out loud amplifies the power than just thinking it)
2. Believe it is coming to you 
3. Act as if you have already received your desire
4. Give thanks and know that it has already been received on the invisible plane and will manifest on time
5. Prepare for success, even when there isn’t a single sign in sight!
6. Don’t allow fear to step in, fear is the cockblocker of the universe
7. Make affirmations of truth repeatedly in the present moment – I am so grateful now that I have received xxxxx
8. Feel and be in those those feelings of shimmering happiness you get when you are going to receive – spend lots of time in this feeling mode
9. Remember you can only receive what you see yourself receiving 
10. Continue to be grateful for all that you do already have

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NOW THIS IS THE FUN PART: Manifesting with a friend
When we share our vision with a friend, we want speak it out loud as if its already happening – now this is actually so fun when you get into the swing of things, tell each other your visions and hold the vision for each other!

This is key to amplifying your manifesting because sometimes we are too personally involved and too close to the outcome that we become fearful and doubtful.

When we confide in a friend and ask for them to hold out vision with unwavering faith for us, it heightens the power. Our friend can clearly see the success, health, prosperity or love for us and doesn’t waiver, because they are not as personally attached to the outcome.

It is so much easier to “hold the vision” for someone else rather than ourselves, so don’t hesitate in asking a friend to play with you if you need some extra power behind your manifestion.

“No man can fail, if one person sees him as successful” – Unkown

This is the power of the vision, and many a great person has owed their success to someone who believed in them wholeheartedly and held their vision.

Happy manifesting babes, Id love to hear your manifesting stories and to see how this process goes for you, hit me up via email or on socials – Insta_soulsparkle_ and FB @SoulSparkleRetreats

Love Caryn


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