If you are one of so many currently being affected by this big energy that is sweeping through then this is for you.


Know that what is coming up wants your love and attention, maybe it’s an old ingrained limiting belief, a core wound, an emotional block or repressed emotions or a stuck pattern or trauma that is being triggered by a current situation (it’s never what we think it is). It could even be something in your ancestoral lineage that was passed down to you and you are being called to be the circuit breaker now.


No matter where you are in this great unraveling I offer you love, compassion and the knowing that you are not alone in this, that the unraveling is so important for where we are going as individuals and together.


It might feel heavy, sticky, dark, overwhelming and oh so BIG, like an inner turmoil, because it’s a big energetic clearing, this is being felt on every level, – physical, mental, emotional + spiritual.


Whatever you are feeling please know that it is all valid, all emotions and sensations are parts of you (like your inner child) desperately wanting your love and attention.


This is a time for huge doses of self compassion, love, kindness and forgiveness and rest. 


For me when I was doing some embodiment I kept instinctively rubbing my hands over my chest it felt so tender there as I cried, this area is known as the higher heart chakra and is where the thymus lives, when I dove deeper into this I found that we carry grief and ancestral wounds specifically in this place, notice if your sensation or emotions are located near a certain chakra or organ or what side of the body (left is feminine and right is masculine). Everything is a message for deeper enquiry.


When you use the embodied healing practices mentioned below you can tune into your sensations and use self enquiry to go deeper, it’s important to also allow yourself to welcome and feel what’s there and to honour your own edge. You don’t have to go to the epicentre you can touch and edge and stay there for as long as you need before going deeper. When you connect with what’s there which could be anger, shame, grief for example send it love, it is a part of you, all of our hidden parts and shadows just want out love and acknowledgement. Allow yourself to move your body in any big or small ways and breath, use the breath and sigh and make sounds to help move it.


This is what emotional alchemy is – being present with what is there, not trying to change it, but loving it as it is, acceptance and allowing it space – when we can create the right circumstances the body will self heal.


When we acknowledge and love all parts of us we become whole and come home to ourselves, to our Queen or King energy. 




🤍 Acknowledging what you are feeling – either out loud or in your mind, say – A part of me feels sad, tender, angry, heavy etc 


🤍 Use orienting to ground you in the present moment – for example in your own mind or out loud look around and take in your current surrounds, say today is the 30th June (insert date), I am at home (insert place), it’s 8am (insert time), I am 38 years old (insert age) – this helps the part of you creating the strong sensationed emotion to get your attention, to know where you are and how old you are in case it thinks you are a still a child and are in danger.


🤍 Create space for yourself in your life and space for this part of you to come forward and share what it wants to share. If your life is chaotic and busy and you don’t have time our just for you, then it’s going to be challenging to process big emotions – huge shifts and alchemy can happen in as little as five minutes. You deserve to have time for yourself.


🤍 Understand that the big feelings, sensations and emotions are A PART of you, they aren’t YOU, they are not your CORE SELF. Use the language – A part of me feels xyz instead of I am feeling xyz. 


🤍 Place your hands on your body perhaps where you feel the sensation, you can use a little pressure if you need to and it feels ok. The use of this practice creates safety and trust with ourselves, it also grounds us in our body and the present moment.


🤍 If the emotion/sensation feels too big or potentially overwhelming tell yourself I don’t have to go fully into this right now, I can find an edge that I feel safe and comfortable with and not let it overwhelm me. 


🤍 Notice what is there, is it sadness, numbness, tenderness, grief, shame, guilt, anger etc, use your breath to breathe slowly into the sensation to help open it and diffuse the energy. 


🤍 Ask what it has to show you, be quiet and listen, focus on your breath and offer yourself deep presence and listen with your inner being.


I hope this may help you, you are not alone and you are so loved. Every big emotion and sensation is always an invitation to deeper freedom and transformation.