DATE: 2nd April 2022
TIME 3 – 5.30PM AWST

{This is an interactive workshop, you will be required to have your video on to participate, a quiet and safe place for you to attend and focus without interruption is also essential.}

My love, pleasure is the birthright of the sacred divine feminine and as women we are here on this earth to experience it as daily devotion, not just as a reward at the end of a hard day or week or as something that we must earn or get around to in our spare time. 

Our bodies are made for experiencing all of life’s pleasures through our senses – we all have this gift, which is a doorway to god, a gateway to the divine and yet we were not taught of its importance, how powerful it is to be a woman accessing her pleasure and just what it means to be a fully alive embodied woman in her radiance. In fact we were told that it is not important, that you have to work hard to “earn” rest, relaxation and fun (hello work all year long for 4 weeks off….what the actual fuxk). That pleasure won’t get us anywhere like hard work does (omg I laugh so hard at this now knowing the truth).

The truth has been buried for far to long, with the rising of the divine feminine energy on the planet that has been happening for the past few years and some of the major astrological themes of 2022 being Pleasure and Rest it’s time to get acquainted with the importance of pleasure and how much it can enrich your life and give you a radiant aura that others will feel when you are in their company.

The pleasure spectrum = happiness, joy, love (self) bliss, radiance, aliveness, sexual, sensual

Maybe you are on the opposite end of the pleasure spectrum, numb or even in pain, or
maybe you feel like pleasure was missed from the magic ingredients when you were created. But it wasn’t missed, it could simply be because it’s been shut away, bared and hidden behind something else. There is nothing wrong with you, you can access your pleasure if you learn to take the time to AND pleasure can coexist with pain.

The reality of pleasure is that pleasure is something you are. Not something you do. Pleasure is not concerned with busyness, pleasure wants you to slow down, Pleasure is concerned with being in love with life.

Pleasure is not the way you dress or act. We don’t achieve pleasure or deserve it or need to work for it, it isn’t a reward….in fact it should be at the top of your list every day…
When you are a woman connected to her pleasure, you are like a flower who opens to draw the bees in (you being the flower 🌸, bee’s being all of your desires). When you learn the importance of prioritizing your pleasure and you begin to cultivate it as a daily devotion, a ritual, then you can expand your capacity for it and keep opening to more .

Pleasure opens up your energy field, it gives you more energy, more life.

Together we are going to look at where you currently are on the pleasure spectrum and where you would like to be, we will explore non sexual and non invasive practices that teach you how to expand your capacity to hold pleasure and you will also create your own personal pleasure prescription – which is a magical formula of YOU and your Soul’s joys.

💝 Guided Soul connection + aura cleanse
💝 Pleasure meditation
💝 Feminine Embodiment practices
💝 The Pleasure umbrella – Aliveness, Bliss, Joy, Happiness, Sensual, Sexual
💝 Common blocks to Pleasure
💝 Pleasure through the senses – sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing
💝 Create your own personal Pleasure Prescription

I am so excited to share this amazing, fun and lighthearted workshop with you…the world needs more women in their pleasure and power radiating their hearts joy.