DATE: Monday 15th August  – Monday 19th September 2022

TIME: 6.15pm – 8.15pm AWST (Perth)



The Softening six week program is an embodied exploration of our feminine inner landscapes, weaving intuitive wisdom with practical guidance.

There is a craving and deep desire to reconnect to a slower pace of life for many women right now. To connect back to your innate feminine nature and softness, my love have you been feeling the call of this energy like so many women are right now?


Stress, busyness, work and living in the mind all create contraction and disconnection from our hearts and bodies – our body is the conduit for our higher self and our connection with the divine. When we are embodying all of us we are a pure manifestation of the divine in physical form and life is so much richer and luxurious. 


But sadly instead many of us have do lists that never end, were running around all day, working and hustling, looking after kids only to come home tired and wired, pouring a wine, scrolling socials or binging Netflix to “ relax” to numb out and have a break from the chaos that is your mind and your life.


The Softening is an invitation to go deeper, to go beyond just wanting to ‘relax and unwind’, to know your deeply feminine heart, body and intuition, to meet yourself under all the layers of tension you carry.


We are a society of burnt out women, living in survival mode with fried nervous systems, suffering from brain fog, tiredness, lacking energy, anxious, wearing busy like a badge, feeling overwhelmed… my love we are not designed to live like this, we are not designed to push ourselves to the brink and ignore all of our body’s innate wisdom, feminine intuition and signs……We are so conditioned to be in our masculine energy as that is what is rewarded and celebrated BUT it is also outdated and unsustainable.

Why as women do we feel we need to ‘earn’ the right to rest, to prove we are worthy through busyness ……..all of these are lies originally created to keep us small and to forget how powerful we are. And it’s in our busyness we forget to feel or even worse we keep busy on purpose so we don’t have to feel. 


When you get out of your head and into your body, you’re in your feminine essence, then you become magnetic presence in the world…..all the magic you seek is found in and through the body – not the logical mind.

When we reconnect to our natural state of sacred femininity and softness we can create peace, harmony and balance in our mind and body and when we do we will find those qualities reflected back to us in our lives. My love, your feminine energy is fucking powerful, your softness is powerful.


It’s time to let go of feeling depleted, disconnected, stagnant, overwhelmed, burnt out, tense, uptight and busy and come into a new way of feeling, of aliveness and connection to self, to your true essence.

Imagine feeling so much more in your feminine energy and embodying the wisdom that your feminine energy is powerful (not just trying to believe it from the level of the mind), that your softness is powerful, feeling like you have discovered new territory within, more spaciousness and inner softness, like your insides feel like white fluffy clouds. Like something inside of you has opened up, imagine yourself moving more slowly and intentionally in the world, your heart is more open and soft, you have increased presence – you are embodying the feminine, you are embodying self love.





🦢 For the woman who has been curious about feminine embodiment this is a really gentle and nurturing entry point into my teachings

🦢 For women who are feeling burnt out, exhausted and are over doing life the way you have been and know in your heart of hearts that there has to be another way

🦢 For women who love yin/restorative yoga and meditation

🦢 For women who know they need to reconnect to their feminine nature

🦢 For women who live and work in masculine culture, sit at a desk all day or are on your feet

🦢 For women who live in the head and forget that you have a body most of the time except for when your criticising it

🦢 For women who are looking to grow and connect to your intuition and higher self 

With the Embodiment practices I managed to step into a higher and more connected version of myself. This work has positively impacted every area of my life, from my work to my relationship. It has created things I didn’t even know where possible for me

Lisa R


This is learning to invite beauty and sacredness into your life every day and it all starts here in The Softening. 


Each session will begin with a guided feminine embodiment practice for approximately 30-40minutes, this is done in a comfy seated position ideally with a support behind you like a wall, lounge, chair or bedhead.

We then move into our gentle floor based yoga which is a mix of yin, restorative and yoga nidra for 60minutes.

After this we have time to connect in circle and share our experiences, what is on our hearts at the moment or anything else you would like to feel supported with, sharing is always optional, there is never any pressure.

The level of passivity is about 2-3 out of 10 (say meditation would be 1 because you don’t need to do anything but lay and listen). This is really about slowing down and being but don’t be deceived as you WILL receive so so much 🤍

“When we give ourselves permission to be in our femininity, to soften and open an internal grace is orchestrated within our hearts and whole being, it truly is the most sacred gift you can give to yourself”


What you will need

Good internet connection

A devotional space (quiet, private, candles, incense, pillows)

Yoga mat

Bolster or pillows

Yoga block – you can purchase from kmart or cotton on for under $6 here –

And here

If you live in a household with little ones and partners you could easily do this in your bedroom and also use earbuds to help block noise and really be able to focus inwards.


Sacred Stillness 

What you receive 

☁️ Six weeks of weekly live classes

☁️ Two hours of gentle devotional guided feminine practices to soften the body and energy field

☁️ Feminine embodiment guided practice

☁️ Yin/Restorative/Yoga nidra practice

☁️ Connection, sharing for your heart to be heard, seen and felt 

☁️ Playlists and recordings available to keep 

☁️ Softening gift box (posted Australia wide)


Client Testimonials


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart Caryn. It’s really been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. My Soul thanks you, the work that you do is unreal, its just so special and its hard to explain but once you get it I don’t think it ever leaves you. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much


“That was a very healing experience. My heart feels so much lighter and open to receiving this week. I’m acknowledging life lessons, giving myself credit and making sense of a few things. I always get so much out of your events and teachings. I’m just so, so incredibly grateful”


I was looking for confidence and courage and because of our session I realized I’ve always been this person, it was always there, that courage + confidence are so strong in my heart, I can feel them now, connecting to them makes me feel like a superhero.”


I feel like I’ve peeled a layer off my heart, it feels more open, like I found a piece of me I didn’t know was missing. I’ve just been sitting and breathing  receiving all these amazing gifts + feeling it all in my heart, thank you for our sessions a new era has begun

Join The Softening to:

Cultivate inner calm and a sense of spaciousness within

To reconnect with you open hearted feminine softness

To feel rested, peacefulness and a grace within

To respond to life instead of react

To eliminate chaos and busyness and understand it is created from your internal patriarchy

Connect to your body, feel grounded and present

Balance emotions for clearer processing

To reconnect to your feminine gifts, wisdom and intuition

To experience greater receptivity and magnetism

Let go of the martyr and control freak within

Cultivate trust and self ownership

These are just some of the benefits you may experience throughout our journey




  • Includes a luxurious gift pack valued at over $100
  • Early bird pricing
  • Details + zoom links emailed
  • Information, guidance and preparation tips
  • Early bird includes a free meditation audio 



  • Includes a luxurious gift pack valued at over $100
  • Early bird pricing
  • Details + zoom links emailed
  • Information, guidance and preparation tips
  • Pay over two weeks


So many women are hearing the call to rise, to reconnect to themselves, their feminine nature and live in a heart expanded way, it starts when you say yes and make yourself a priority, to know you are worthy of time and space and of your own love. You are your most important priority, when your cup is about to explode from being so full everyone in your life benefits, this work positively affects everyone around you.

I chose to host our classes on Mondays as Mondays are ruled by the moon, the moon – the moon is feminine and governs the body, nurturance and is related to honoring our emotions and inner world. 


This offering is a direct delivery from Source, I am a channel and co creator to deliver these much needed practices and messages at this time. Everything I have created is with the absolute highest intention and love to guide you back into your own divine feminine power.


Please note there are only 10 spaces available to honour time constraints and to make sure everyone has a chance to be seen and heard 💝


I am so overjoyed to share this with you. If you have any questions please email: