Dream Creation workshop
Sunday 17th March 4PM – 6PM

VENUE : TBA (Perth Metro)

I’ve been called to run this special workshop for women so that you may start your year learning new tools to rise up into your power and light.

This is different from a intention setting workshop and way more powerful, we are going to learn how to consciously create our dream lives and be active participants in bringing it to life as you STEP INTO YOUR LIGHT ✨

In this workshop we are going to go wild with our imagination (one of our most important assets) and use techniques to expand our energetic boundaries for what we actually allow into our life. You can want all you like but wanting something just sends a message to the universe to keep you in just that – a state of wanting, you will learn how to go from wanting to manifesting.

This workshop includes:

❤️ Looking at where our energetic boundaries lay around us and what we are allowing in and what we are keeping out
❤️ Energy expansion guided meditation and recorded mp3 to take home to continue your work
❤️ Wildly creating your dream life
❤️ Getting clear on your vision and purpose behind the vision
❤️ Super fun group exercises to start calling in your vision immediately
❤️ Take always to continue your journey at home

Come and learn how to create and manifest your dreams instead of just wishing and wanting for them to come true.  You will also receive exercises and tools take home and embody everyday to continue to consciously create your dream life.

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Max love
❤️ Caryn xx