Retreat Application


Please answer all the questions with honesty and openness. Trust in the process and take as much time as you need. This retreat is for women who are ready for a life changing experience and this is what I offer you – this application is to see if we are a good fit and if the retreat will serve your highest potential. I am super passionate about my work and sharing it to empower women who are ready to invest in and commit to enriching their lives and stepping into their highest potential.

*Please note this is not a registration form but an application that must be made to prior to booking in to a retreat. All applications are strictly confidential and will be read and responded to within 24/48 hours of submission. Filling out an application does not mean this is a booking.

Applications are to ensure a safe and harmonious retreat experience for all involved.

Take some time to truly imagine your best life possible, share in story form how your life looks and feels with as much detail as possible.