TIME: 10AM – 5PM



It’s a brand new year and a brand new moon!

So what do you want your new year to look like? To feel like?

I believe that we co-create our lives and that means we need to be active participants in doing so, not just wishing upon a dream and not taking action towards it. At Soul Glow Day Retreat we will take time to consciously create our dream year (and life) while having loads of fun on the day together.

We will honor and nourish our bodies through yoga and a healing vegetarian and vegan lunch, we will nourish our minds and our spirits through meditation and wild creativity.  Plus loads of time for relaxation and journaling. We aim to be creating from the space within our hearts, dreaming and feeling what it is we most want to manifest and birthing it into the now, letting go of old ways of thinking and fears that have been holding us back.

Taking time out for self care and self love is THE most important thing you could ever do. As women we give so much of our energy to everyone around us, often neglecting and putting ourselves last!!!! When we wear ourselves into the ground life loses its joy and we cannot give of our true selves if we are living from an empty cup. We need to take time to nurture our Souls and recharge ourselves so we can live a joyful, happy and fun life and be fully present with those we love, with our careers and lives. When our cup is full we are so much happier, this then radiates out to your loved ones and the world around you and you just attract more of that back to you – our inner world creates our outer world.

Taking time for you is not indulgent, it’s a necessity, your Soul wants you to play and live your best, most magic filled life ever, I would love for you to join me for a day of radical self love.


DANCE FLOW YOGA – A fun vinyasa style that focuses more on feeling through the movement and listening and connecting to your body than worrying if your hitting the pose correctly, it’s a playful style that is all about letting go of what you look like and having fun

CREATE YOUR DREAM YEAR WORKSHOP – This is different from a intention setting workshop and way more powerful, we are going to create our dream lives and be active participants in bringing them to life with tools take home and embody everyday

NOURISH – You’ll be nourished all day with a delicious healthy vegetarian and vegan lunch including yummy desserts created to nourish and cleanse your body and raise your vibration all made by a qualified nutritionist, plus loads of fresh fruit and juices

JOURNAL TIME – Time to just be and get wildly creative for everything that you want to call into your life.

CONNECTION SESSION – In this busy world we often don’t find the time to really connect with ourselves and other human beings, we see others on a physical level but rarely spend the time to see beyond that. These sessions are super soulful and will show you what it is really like to see and be seen.

CREATIVE WORKSHOP – Join Yogi and Artist Irene Schneider for this super fun creative body art workshop where we can unleash our inner wild women

YIN YOGA WITH MASSAGE – A yin yoga class with massage throughout to fully nurture you. Gentle non-invasive massage techniques will be used throughout the yin yoga class with communication between student and teacher for an amazing relaxation experience

MEDITATION – We will end our magical day with a guided meditation where we will welcome our dreams into the year with intention

No experience necessary

We have such a super fun day planned for you all, this is a playful and lighthearted day retreat. Let’s gather under this powerful new moon energy to epically create our best year ever!!

Please contact if you have any questions.

** Terms and conditions: Please choose carefully as there are no refunds, if you cannot make the event you can choose to have a credit towards another Soul Sparkle event or you can gift your ticket to a friend.