All bookings must be secured with a $500 non refundable deposit. This must be received within 5 working days to secure the reservation.

Soul Sparkle offer weekly and fortnightly payment plans with the full balance due 1 month prior to Retreat.

If you commit to the payment plan option it is your responsibility to make your payments on time as agreed, if you dont your booking may be cancelled, so please insure you set up a direct debit so this does not occur. If for any reason your payment is going to be late YOU must notify Soul Sparkle via email within 24hours of the payment due date. Soul Sparkle is not responsible for chasing up missed or late payments.

Payments can be made via direct debit or Paypal (which will incur a PayPal fee each time).

For any other circumstances that may require a different plan, please dont hesitate to contact to discuss options. If this retreat is calling you then I am sure we can make it happen.