At our Soul Glow Retreat, I invite you to step into your feminine essence,  reclaim your power and ignite a fire in your soul so you may begin manifesting your dream life. It all starts with a choice, to want more for yourself, to feel how worthy you are of everything you desire and commit to a better path where happiness and joy are a daily occurrence for no reason.

Let go of the old and flow into the new with us at our Soul Glow Retreat.

Our retreat venue Premalaya in Yallingup provides an enchanting space amongst the forest to lose yourself, unravel your heart and dreams while nurturing and nourishing all three components of yourself – mind, body and spirit, in a positive healing and supportive environment packed with fun and laughter with your soul sisters.

Throughout the retreat you will be taken on a journey to connect with yourself to live more authentically and to recharge your light and set forth to manifest your dreams and goals to step into a new day where you create a life beyond your wildest imagination.

We will honor and nourish our bodies through daily yoga and healing plant based meals, we will nourish our minds and our spirits through mediation and wild creativity. We aim to be creating from the space within our hearts, dreaming and feeling what it is we most want to manifest and birthing it into the now, letting go of old blockages and fears that have been holding us back.

When you invest the time to unwind your body and mind through yoga and meditation, you can unleash blockages and you can expect your life to flow more freely.

Whether you’re an experienced yogi or are brand new to the practice our retreats cater for all levels, we are about holistic health and approaching radiant wellness and fierce self love from a multi modality perspective.

Regardless of what led you here, it is my aim to empower you to shine your brightest light and give you an experience that leaves you different from when you came!

If you would like to schedule a call to talk more about the retreat, please email me with your number.

See the full details at our SOUL GLOW RETREAT WEBSITE HERE