7PM – 9PM



There is something magical and powerful about the collective divine feminine energy, it is the energy of our mother earth and has the power to create life. Working with the cycles of the moon and women coming together in ritual has been around for thousands of years. When we come together and create with intention under the moon it amplifies our intuition, our mystical practices and has a profound power to bring about magical change to our lives.

These meetups are always infused with love, connection to self and other women, deep exploration and soul opening goodness all in a safe place to be you. Come dive deep into our inner worlds together as we surrender up the old to create space to manifest that which we desire into our lives.

Think deep discussions and sharing, ritual, manifesting, tantric practices, sensuality, heart work, soul connection, surrender, deep releasing, astrology, working with specific crystal energy, meditations and more! We will explore different techniques each time whilst working with the current moon cycles to either release or manifest.

Join me for this powerful new moon eclipse in Leo (the last one for 2018) to weave some magic.

A solar eclipse is essentially a turbo charged New Moon. New Moons are always about planting the seeds for what we would like to bring into our life, be it more love, joy, abundance, health etc.

It’s a time for a cosmic reboot of sorts, where we get to start fresh and choose again.
Planting fresh seeds for personal growth and metamorphosis.

An eclipse is where the the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth interrupting the flow of energy and causing a disruption, breaking our habitual behavior with special opportunities to break old patterns.

The moon will cover over our left brain energy (masculine) which governs logical, analytical, and objective energy for a while, so the right side (feminine) can be flooded with creativity, emotion and intuitiveness. This is a powerful time for the unconscious to become conscious.

When we become aware of what is in our unconscious it no longer has power over us.
Solar eclipses are good at showing what imbalances we have going on asking us to focus on balancing the left and right brain hemispheres. A solar eclipse can bring awakening and deep revelations. This energy will be particularly potent as a part of this circle I will be guiding you through a traditional yoga nidra which is where we enter a deep state of relaxation with added practices that can help to release old memories locked in the unconscious and balance our left and right brains. We will finish our meditation session with planting our seeds and releasing them to the universe to manifest.

Discussion on what manifesting is and how to do it
Crystal to work with the current moon energy
Manifesting rituals
Group manifesting
Sharing circle and tea

I invite you to bring something in mind that you would like to manifest into your life under this powerful solar new moon eclipse, it could be love, health, abundance, happiness, freedom from old patterns etc…….make sure you state it in the positive so for example if you wanted to quit a sugar addiction you could say your intention/manifestation would be for better health. When we

Please bring a journal and pen and warm clothing, bolsters and blankets will be supplied.

ENERGY EXCHANGE $50 CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW as space are limited in the dreamy Yogi Hunter tent and the last session sold out.