DATES : Every Friday starting 7th August – Friday 11th September 2020

TIME: 7 -8.30pm

VENUE: Soft Yoga Perth – 2/253 Oxford Street, Leederville


Right now we are in a time where we are experiencing a new wave of light, and this light is challenging us to open our heart’s and bring both the energetic heart and physical heart into a higher vibration. Heart and Soul energy go hand in hand, the Heart is the portal to which we experience our Higher self or Soul.

Journey to the Light will guide you to expand your consciousness and open your heart, it is a journey of spiritual growth.

Spiritual growth is similar to personal growth, with one big difference: when you grow spiritually you are connecting with a higher power and using that connection to empower your growth. This higher power – god/ess/ universe/all that is – works with your personality self, assisting it to develop self confidence, self love, clarity, and other important qualities. When you work on your personal growth and add to that your connection to a higher power, your journey is even more joyful, rapid and transformative.

This is my life’s work, this is the work that has guided me to have a deep and loving connection to my higher self in which I receive guidance whenever I need.This has allowed me to greatly accelerate my journey and be in my Soul purpose. This is my wish for everyone to experience this beautiful gift that is available to each and every one of us.

Each week we will gather for 90 minutes of sacred connection which will include:

Embodiment practice

Heart connection and opening practices

Guided Soul journey

Quiet contemplation and journal time

Sparkling rose water
Sharing circle


Connect to yourself on a deeper level

Reconnect with your body and Soul wisdom

Raise your energetic vibration

Refill yourself with unconditional love and complete worthiness 

Learn how to become your own Guru and take control of your life

Be supported in a safe environment where you are seen, heard and acknowledged for who you are

Be part of a sisterhood

Become aware of the mind and the noise that it creates and how you can turn it down on the daily (so that you can truly tap into your soul’s voice!)

Learn how to tune into blocked emotions for release

Fill up your cup

Have fun

In the past I have only offered this as a one on one coaching program and held group Soul journey sessions on retreats, but now I have been asked to share it with a wider audience because this is what the world needs right now – for us to be connected to our hearts and Soul on a individual level which in turn affects the vibration of everything around us ie: the world.

Your Soul is a dynamic, growing life force consciousness. Your everyday consciousness is an aspect of your higher self that lives in your physical reality. Your higher self knows harmony, order and light; when you add these to your life you are operating as your higher self.

Yes we are here having a human experience and I feel it’s so important to honour that and be grounded in our bodies and practices, which is my approach to this important work

This work will greatly assist us on our journey in so many ways

Spaces are strictly limited, these offerings always sell out so please be sure to book your space HERE ASAP

Caryn xx