TIME: 1.30PM – 5PM

If you are looking for ways to learn how to bring more self- love and acceptance into your life and deepen your connection to self then we would love you to join Soul Coach, Tantra practitioner and Yogi, Caryn Hough for her Bliss Into Soul women’s workshop.

The topic of Self Love is not a new one but one that we need to learn to consciously embody so that we can tap into our bliss state and understand that we are on this earth to enjoy all the happiness and pleasures we desire RIGHT NOW! Yes right now, not when we change xyz about ourselves or our external appearance or lives, but learn to go inwards to love and accept ourselves exactly as we are in this moment including all of our “perceived” flaws.

Every single thing we are experiencing and seeing in our lives is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves on a subconscious level. It’s these feelings that carry a energy frequency that we vibrate out to those around us and out into the planet, we then attract back on that same frequency as like attracts like. It all ultimately boils down to the question – Do you feel worthy/ do you feel like you are enough and deserve everything you desire?

A lot of us are unaware that we may even be carrying this story of “I am not good enough”, but when you take the time to reflect you can see the many ways it can be showing up in your life and holding you back from everything you really want. Loving awareness resides in your heart space, which is directly connected to our soul. It’s all about coming back to your true self and reconnecting to the divine inside you, knowing your worth, knowing you are enough just as you are right now.

When we are stuck in our minds and old patterning/stories it can block our energetic momentum and flow. When you start to move blocked energy through various conscious techniques such as EFT, Yoga and pranayama then spontaneous emotional release can occur.

Caryn will guide you through and teach you her favourite practices for cultivating self love that you can take home and embody in your everyday life. These practices done regularly will enrich your life as you learn to connect with yourself on a deeper level.

In this workshop you will learn:


What is Self Love
How our core belief of unworthiness is affecting our lives everyday
How some of our beliefs have been inherited from our ancestors
How to rewrite our subconscious stories

Heart Pranayama – This is a very simple but powerful practice for learning how to connect to the intelligence of your heart, the wisdom of your soul and to cultivate feelings of joy and happiness
Positive Validation Techniques
Tantric breathing to move sexual/creative energy from our lower chakras and allow it to rise into our hearts

YIN AND YANG FLOW YOGA CLASS – to release emotions
Flow State – Flow and Breath with me to unleash your feminine, creative energy. Move your body to shake up energy blockages that are keeping you stuck, get your life force energy moving………let the flow take over
Yin yoga  – Working with the Metal element in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy, we aim to release emotions – Metal can be the beginning of an alchemical process of transformation. Some of the most incredible things are possible in our lives when we can surrender our agendas and drop what we think we know what’s best for us.

SPIRITUAL TOOLBOX –  for feeling worthy of everything you desire – learn tools to release emotional blockages and instill new found confidence that we will practice together and that you can take home with you

GUIDED MEDITATION – Birthing you into a new cycle

We will finish the workshop with a sharing circle and yummy raw chocolate cake.


Who’s this workshop for:

If you’ve been drawn to this event, it’s for you.
Any woman who is on or wants to start her self love journey, wants to connect deeper with her body and her true feminine essence.

Any woman who wants to be surrounded by a community of like minded women and explore the topic of self love
No experience necessary – just turn up as you are.

Wear comfortable clothing, bring a water bottle, journal and pen.


Testimonial – Caryn, I just wanted to let you know how amazing I’m feeling, I’m starting to feel like me again. Coming from the darkest, loneliest place in my life, to now loving myself and life again. It hasn’t been easy and I’m still working on it, but I just wanted to say thank you, working with you has helped me more than you will ever know.  You’re truly amazing and so inspiring and I love how you are helping and empowering so many women. You have certainly impacted my life. I can’t thank you enough – Hayley

If you have any questions at all around this workshop please get in touch at


OPEN HOUSE YOGA – parking and building is located just off Guildford Road, turn left off Guildford Road onto Ferguson Street and you will see the sign on the left.