TIME: 9.30AM – 4PM



$185 early bird secured with $50 deposit before 8th July (balance due 15th July)



$205 regular price – 9th July till 17th July 2019 (tickets close 17th July)

What does it mean to be a Goddess? A Goddess is a woman who truly embraces all of herself, her femininity, her beauty, her anger, her sexual energy, her rage, her emotions ……….yes all of her emotions, her grace, her tears, her dark parts…………When YOU learn to embody and accept all of yourself even the parts that society or others may judge as unacceptable or bad then you step into the Goddess energy. This is when you fully own who you are and who you came here to be…… a powerful, powerful divine force.

AWAKEN THE GODDESS is a day to connect deeply to your own spirituality – journey into the realms of your body and soul through practices that are designed to aliven and awaken you such as yoga, dance, breath-work, journaling and meditation.

We will journey into deep exploration of our Goddess. There is so much power in Goddess wisdom and we aim to start to awaken this energy within you, unlocking your full power, your Soul gifts, your purpose and open up to JOY!

You want to feel joyous, abundant, sexy, confident, unapologetically YOU! Fuck yeah I get it! And you should feel like this every day, this is your birthright!

This day will be a time for gentle healing and shakti activation, our retreat will focus on our sacral chakra – our sacral chakra is the energy centre for pleasure – in all senses of the word, not just sexual. It is our creative powerhouse where we birth ideas our into the world, its our sex centre, our magnetism, its also where we store and hold old emotions which then block this energy centre from allowing our shakti, our life force juicy divine feminine energy to flow wildly and course through our bodies.

Awakening this energy is a must if you want to open up to a life of joy and pleasure and to access your limitless potential. What is possible when we open up to this:

  • Connecting to your life purpose
  • Creating from the heart and Soul
  • Opening to Abundance
  • Fully expressing who you really are
  • Soul mate connections
  • A playful and joyous way of living
  • New found inner confidence
  • Limiting beliefs, old patterns and habits fall away
  • Your life becomes more expansive and exciting
  • You know that you are worthy and deserving and do not need external validation

If we want to heal and up-level our lives then we have to reconnect and reclaim our body and body wisdom that lays within. Together we can let go of old emotions and step into our lightness and live as fully realized empowered goddesses – This is what is possible when you commit to this work on a regular basis.


SHAKTI DANCE FLOW YOGA – A fun vinyasa style to music that focuses more on feeling through the movement, listening and connecting to your body than worrying if your hitting the pose correctly. It’s a playful style that will focus on our sacral chakra energy all while having fun.

NOURISH – You’ll be nourished all day with a delicious healthy vegetarian and vegan lunch including yummy desserts created to nourish and cleanse your body and raise your vibration all made by a qualified nutritionist, cold pressed juices from our fav Pressed Earth + warming teas, Plus a sparkling rosewater on arrival

CHANNEL YOUR GODDESS WORKSHOP – Guided journal prompts and exercises to call upon the goddess archetype energy and to help release fears around fully embracing and stepping into your full power as a woman

SHAKTI EMBODIMENT SESSION –  Embodying your goddess with breath, sound and movement, a super fun session to get wild and free

BREATHWORK –  Release old emotions during this safe and gentle guided session. Breath-work is a powerful tool for deep transformation

YIN + MASSAGE  – A yin yoga class with massage throughout to fully nurture you. Gentle non-invasive massage techniques will be used throughout the yin yoga class for an amazing relaxation experience

MEDITATE – Awaken the goddess within meditation – We will end our magical day with a guided meditation where we will welcome our dreams into the year with intention

When we suppress or judge parts of ourselves we also suppresses our life force shakti energy, our creative, juicy, intuitive wild woman energy.

This Day Retreat is for you if:

  • You are in need of some time out for you
  • If you want to feel alive and free in your body
  • You want to be seen and heard and connect with like minded women
  • You feel disconnected from your body and divine femine energy
  • You want to learn how to reconnect
  • You are tired of playing the “good” girl and have suppressed or shut down parts of your goddess who wants to come out and be seen and heard
  • If you struggle with healthy boundaries, with accepting the sensual and dark side of you, if you think pleasure is “bad” or you are a people pleaser
  • If you are looking to start a journey of deep transformation

Join me for this special day and learn to step into and own your divine worthiness.

For any questions at all please email

I cant wait to share the magic with you all


** Terms and conditions: Please choose carefully as there are no refunds, if you cannot make the event you can choose to have a credit towards another Soul Sparkle event or you can gift your ticket to a friend.