KIM WILLIAMS – Yoga Teacher + Photographer

Kim has had an adventurous journey to get where she is today. Her natural talents and eye for detail in photography has allow her to capture the everyday moments. Her passion for travel has led her to Australia where she has built a life and has been capturing beautiful memories along the way. After receiving glowing reviews about her lifestyle photography blog Hello Kiki Photos, it was evident that Kim’s next step was to focus on photography. Kim was born Toronto, Canada and now permanently resides in Australia but has lived all around the world.

Photography looks effortless when Kim is behind the lense. Her creative flair, ability to connect with people and her fun personality shine through her photos. Her passion, vision and her invested interest in your special moments make working with Kimberley a very enjoyable and memorable experience.

Kim has now embraced her passion in yoga and has specialised in yoga photography. She has now become “The YOGi Hunter” and is out to meet as many yogi students and teachers through her travels and just random encounters with the hope to capture as many yogi’s from around the world. She calls it YOtoGrAphy which is sharing yogi’s individual stories to the world through her lens to showcase that yoga is for everyone.

She finished her yoga teacher training in Los Angeles in 2015 and has travelled to Hawaii for Wanderlust festival. She arrived back in Australia and attended Soul Pose Yoga event in Melbourne.

The YOGi Hunter was born when Kim started actively hunting yogi’s alike to shoot for YOtoGrAphy but has now grown into something even bigger. She also seeks out anyone who is interested in joining her on the mat for an hour session in the comfort of her home yoga studio. The ultimate goal as The Yogi Hunter is to CONNECT + SHARE + COLLABORATE with yogi’s in the community and newbie yogi’s wanting to learn more.