TIME: 6.30PM – 8.30PM

VENUE: FELD + CO – 6/496 Marmion St, Booragon


That which we do not bring to consciousness appears in our lives as fate.” — Carl Jung

This is a very special and rare New Moon which is known as a Black Moon and sometimes called Black Moon Lilith – The black moons spiritual meaning is rooted in the goddess Lilith
who was Adam’s first wife (before Eve) and who is known as the Wild Woman Goddess Archetype.

The Black Moon is actually an energetic point in the Cosmos not a physical presence such as a planet (and is not to be confused with the asteroid of the same name) and it occurs when there is more than one New Moon within the same month.

Lilith is an energy or a hidden inner power within us all that gives us the ability to stand up for ourselves, to speak up, she refuses to be quiet or submissive and will not be ignored!

Lilith gives you the power you need to be YOU!!!

The Black Moon encapsulates what Carl Jung called our “shadow side.” It represents the unconscious parts deep within us that drives many of our life choices and actions. Our ignorance and lack of awareness of our shadows keeps us trapped in cycles of self-sabotaging and sometimes destructive behaviors.

But when we bring the unconscious into conscious awareness we can overcome the cycles. Ancient cultures understood that the darkness is the time of the feminine. It is from this darkness that all things are born and as we shine a light in the darkness on our shadow we are reclaiming our own power that has been trapped in our ignorance. Once we start to reclaim our own power we then start to integrate all parts of us to become WHOLE! The astrology of the Black Moon reveals the path to wholeness

The Black Moon operates on an unseen levels but can bring unconscious or hidden information to the light such as :

Our Negative core beliefs

Our personal shadow side

Our main core fear in life that blocks us

The ways we judge ourselves and others

The Black Moon can lift the veil and bestow us the gift of this information to help us see through our self-sabotaging behavior and make changes that will free us from the limitations we create for ourselves.

Recovering this usually deeply hidden knowledge is an act of self – discovery, self love, acceptance and nurturance. The Black Moon seeks to reunite all of the parts of ourselves that have been disconnected and cast aside, bringing us into balance + harmony within which unites us with our full power as divine feminine.

The shadow is the part of us that is unconscious and hidden from view most of the time. It is that part of who you are that you deny, hide or suppress. It’s part of us that we don‟t want to acknowledge because we usually don‟t like it and we deem as undesirable, unacceptable or shameful, and that we rejected for one reason or another, usually because society or our parents told us it was bad so we hide it away but it doesn’t “go away”, it’s always there waiting for us to accept it and love it. If we don’t it will try and get our attention in destructive ways until we accept it and bring it forward into the light.

The other side of the black moon is called the Golden shadow – which are the huge gifts and  knowledge contained within the dark.

We always have two sides to any transit of a Black Moon Lilith. First she breaks down the old and then she rebuilds the new so we will harness this energy by opening to our shadow and then drawing on this potent energy to reawaken these parts of us we have denied

We will do some exercises together to start to uncover our shadow so we can begin the process of integrating these parts we rejected so that we may become our WHOLE POWERFUL SELVES once again.

This is a very rare New Moon and we will work with our shadow and golden shadow parts as well as harness and channel the energy of the Goddess Lilith in her DIVINE form (whole, fully realized in her potential), this circle will include:

  • Connection
  • Guided yoga nidra to shine light on our shadows
  • Journal prompts and exercises to look at our shadow and golden shadow
  • Releasing ritual – release fears held within the shadow
  • Goddess ritual – Breath, Sound Movement to invoke our Lilith, tap into your hidden parts to learn to embrace them
  • Black Obsidian crystal to work with and take home
  • Manifesting meditation journey – stepping back to wholeness
  • Sharing circle and tea

These special moon circles sell out every time so make sure you purchase your ticket straight away to avoid disappointment. As always I cannot wait to see you there and work with these potent energy….together we rise and transform.

Love Caryn