As we embark on a new year with that fresh, clean slate energy I would love for you to ponder this question “ How do you show up for yourself?”

Now more than ever in my life I am understanding the huge impact our energy has on everyone and everything around us. Our energy tells the world the real story of what is going on inside us, you cannot fake energy, you can fake a smile and an outward appearance but the universe knows what’s really going on and will mirror it back to you until you start to get it and are willing to peel back those layers to get back to who your here to be.

You see the way we (emotionally) show up for ourselves tells us a lot about what we truly think of ourselves deep down on a subconscious level, how much we respect ourselves, what we think we deserve and also how others are going to show up for us and how to world is going to show up for us. Often we can show up amazingly for others (this can be a smart avoidance tactic for avoiding yourself) whilst completely neglecting our own emotional and physical needs (hello Mums!).

We may not even be aware of our wounding or layers that we need to “peel” back, I can tell you that I generally thought I was a happy person, I rarely felt angry or sad and would have described my disposition as happy and I think all my friends and family would have described me in the same way, but 6 months ago It was uncovered that I was harbouring some serious sadness deep within me, when I was confronted about this, I admitted that it was not something I could feel. You see I had blocked it and stomped on it and pushed it so deep down that I had NO idea it was even there! But it was AND it was affecting my life in every area.

Getting real and honest with myself and doing the work and starting to honour myself and tap into this and sit with my sadness has been tough but incredibly freeing and has led me to a deeper understanding of who I am at a soul level. It’s about being and feeling instead of thinking! REconnecting instead of DISconnecting. TUNING in….. INtuition (our inside teacher).

We may have many masks on the outside, fluffing our egos, looking the part, telling people how great our life is and what we HAVE and HAVE accomplished. But this is not who we really are. We are incredible souls that have all the wisdom and love we need inside of us, we long to be seen on a soul level and for deep connections in our lives, not surface level stuff.

When we don’t emotionally show up for ourselves then no one else is going to and we cannot experience the deep connections we long for, these connections are the very reason we are put on this earth.



  • Do you listen to you body when it is hungry and nourish it with living and whole foods?
  • Do you listen to you body when you are thirsty and hydrate it with water?
  • Do you listen to you body when you need to go to the toilet or do you hold on and put it off if you are busy?
  • Do you listen to your gut when you get the feeling something or someone is off?
  • Do you nurture your heart and listen to what it is trying to tell you?
  • Do you listen to your emotions and honour them or do you block and bury them because the thought of going “there” seems to painful?
  • Do you brush off guidance from your soul as coincidence or do you thank your soul for guiding you and strengthen the connection?
  • Do you accept help when it is offered or ask for help when you need it?
  • Do you generally come from a place of love and abundance or a place of lack and fear?
  • Do you get enough sleep or do you push your body to stay awake?

Of course we have all had times in our lives when doing all of these things haven’t been possible, many life circumstances such as deadlines, parenthood, illness and other situations can make showing up for yourself hard if not non existent. Its if this is an ongoing thing for you that you need to look at making changes.



I admit I have found it hard honouring what my soul and body have been telling me for the past 2 months which has been to – “simplify, rest and slow down as you are regenerating”. It’s hard to see the light when you are exhausted but I promise you when you start to show up for yourself 100% the world will mirror that back to you. As hard as it was resting so much and not doing and creating which is what I love most I am starting to feel amazing again and everything is flowing with more ease.

I’d love you to get really honest with yourself about where you are and aren’t showing up for yourself and make a list (I love me a list). Take some time and go deep and write your list.

You can start with the simple things, eating good food when you are hungry, drinking more water, adding supplements to your day, making sure you get enough sleep, fresh air and exercise – moving your body in any way gets our life force energy (chi) moving so we can release trapped and stuck emotions to the surface to deal with. Of course Yoga is incredible for getting you out of your mind and into your body as well and it has that rinsing affect, bending and twisting we can really release some deep emotions with yoga and that’s why we get that yoga high as well….ahhhhhh the yoga high.

Take time to breath, conscious breathing even for a few minutes can completely change your mood from anxious to calm, just taking a long slow breath into the belly and then making the exhale equally as long is key!

Start to form a relationship with your body – start listening to what it is telling you. Pushing yourself beyond your limits through working long hours, not sleeping enough and over exercising will wind up in burnout and illness and then you are no good to anyone – not your business or work or family or children, honour your body when it tells you to rest as much as possible so you can show up for yourself and others and be the best version of you that you can be.

Spend some time talking to your heart, this may seem crazy at first but when I first started this, I simply sat down and asked my heart how it felt, it said it felt scared and I cried, I then placed my hands on my heart and told it It was safe and I would look after it. All you need to do is take the time to listen to it.

Becoming AWARE is key to everything, are you so busy that you ignore your body and your heart and live in your lower mind? Try spending some time each day in stillness, this doesn’t have to mean meditation if that’s not your jam, it can mean sitting down for 5 minutes, breathing and asking yourself – How do I feel right now? Then listen to and honour the answer as they come.


When you begin to show up for yourself magical shit will happen, I absolutely promise you.

Love Caryn xxx

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