Wow, how is everyone’s year going so far? Is it what you expected? Is it better than what you expected…….or maybe it’s not the start you had hoped for?

We are just two weeks in and I have been speaking to a LOT of people who seem to be going through some kind of crisis points in their lives. They have had some BIG stuff come up for them already (literally in the first few days of the year), which initially had them feeling angry, sad, confused and fearful to name a few emotions.

Luckily them questioning what is going on and seeking advice and assistance has helped them all see what is REALLY going on here and that they are being given a HUGE opportunity for CHANGE and GROWTH!

Basically for a lot of people it’s about old habits/patterns/addictions repeating, whether they are patterns of distrusting your own power to create your life, patterns with men or relationships, patterns with addictive substances, it’s all just old conditioning bullshit that needs to be healed so you can TRANSFORM, EMERGE, RADIATE AND FLY!

The energies of late last year where starting to nudge us towards these changes but if we did not listen or were ignoring the signs they may be hitting you HARD now!

You see you can try to run from yourself all you like but until you agree to do your spiritual assignment, it will keep showing up AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN with different faces, different jobs, different countries, different addictions……..you can’t outrun yourself and your inner wounds. Your inner world speaks volumes to the outside world, take a look around you, what is it that you are struggling with in your life? What is being mirrored back at you?

The main human core woundings are:





Even though as individuals we would have had different situations that created these deep rooted beliefs in us, we are all carrying THE SAME CORE WOUNDS!

Last year a lot of us were faced with our shadow wounds as they arose for healing, did you listen? Did you do the inner work? If you didn’t do the work you may be experiencing some sort of crisis or another situation that is repeating the same old stories for you now as we begin this year. The reason they may be hitting hard now is SO you finally listen and get it, often the universe speaks to us gently at first but if we don’t listen we are likely to be smacked in the face so to speak.

We need to be aware of these trying situations and times and recognise them for what they are…..lessons and opportunities for deep healing and transformation. These sticky situations are actually a GIFT and if you are facing them this early in the year, you are double blessed that they have shown up for you now as you can start to heal with this beautiful clean and transformative energy that is in the air, they are very powerful and very strong and are here to help propel you on your path.

The thing is YOU need to do the work! No one else can do this work for you, yes it can be painful but when you dance with your shadows you can release them and once you have released them there is no longer anything to fear or run from. It’s such a incredible place to be.


If you feel like you are one of the MANY people going through this here are a few things that can help you with your spiritual assignment:


Sit down and spend some time journaling about your situation to get some clarity and try to uncover the deeper lessons/beliefs around the subject that are to be realised if you are unaware.

We don’t need to re-live situations that have caused us pain from our past, it’s about releasing the emotional charge that you are holding in your body that is blocking you from getting what you want, whether it is better health, a loving relationship, abundant finances or sobriety.

2 ASK QUESTIONS – self inquiry

What is the lesson in this situation?

What can I learn from it?

How can I release this old patterning?

What is it that is blocking me?

Ask anything that comes to you. Self inquiry is so important for growth, diving deep and sitting with yourself to ask the big questions, you may not get an answer immediately BUT it will come, it may come in many different ways so just keep an open mind and be aware.

3  A 5 minute daily MEDITATION practice

This will change your life, 5 minutes is doable for EVERYONE, you need to be consistent and trust in what you are doing, don’t have an agenda or expectation, just sit with yourself and be present and breathe, I promise you if you do this daily your life WILL change.


For the people who I have spoken to the fear and emotions initially caused by heir crisis are now turning into optimism, hope, faith and excitement as they embark on journey of change. I wish this for you too.

With love

Caryn xxx


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