Black Moon Lilith – Full Moon Eclipse Women’s Circle


TIME: 6PM – 8.30PM



The final full moon eclipse for the year is in Gemini and what a year of total unpredictability, change and chaos it has been. As we step into Sagittarius season this final full moon eclipse brings endings and a release of things that are no longer aligned with our truth and our path.

We have had a whopping 8 planets in retrograde (stationary) in 2020 with the final planet Neptune (think dreams and imagination) turning direct on this day, it’s is a time to let go and begin our journey forward, utilizing all the lessons we have learnt this year – allowing ourselves to dream big once again.

Sagittarius energy wants us to be expansive, to face our own deep fears and to experience a heart based rebirth.

The energies we are working with is that of the full moon, an eclipse and also Black Moon Lilith which falls on the 1st December the day after the eclipse – these energies are amplified and powerful – associated with our own divine feminine power and also the black moon lilith representing our shadows. Lilith is an energy or a hidden inner power within us all that gives us the ability to stand up for ourselves, to speak up, she refuses to be quiet and will not be ignored!

Lilith gives you the power you need to be YOU!!!

Join me in an enormously powerful and final moon circle of 2020 as we gently and lovingly uncover our shadows and release them with feminine embodiment practices to liberate us, find peace within and learn to embrace our cosmic potent feminine energy.


  • Heart breathing to get us into our body and connect to our hearts
  • Powerful guided journey to uncover your personal limiting beliefs/shadow
  • Embodiment practice to release old beliefs – tap into your body’s wisdom to let go
  • Visualization Meditation to step into your highest potential//rebirth
  • Yoga Nidra to ground and relax
  • Journaling your experience
  • Connection – Sharing circle and sparkling rosewater
  • Digital copy of my Full Moon Ritual kit

Please be sure to secure your place if you are interested in joining my final powerful women’s moon circle of 2020. These special moon circles sell out every time so make sure you purchase your ticket straight away to avoid disappointment.

As always I cannot wait to see you there and work with these potent energy….together we rise and transform.

Love Caryn