Hi I’m Caryn,  I am a Yoga and Meditation Teacher + Soul Coach and the creator of Soul Sparkle.

I believe that a magical life starts with radical self love and I am here to remind you how fucking amazing you are and that it really is possible to be, do and have anything you desire!

At Soul Sparkle I invite you to connect to your soul essence, to learn how to become your own guru and to reclaim your power so you may begin manifesting your dream life. We achieve this through yoga and meditation classes, soul coaching programs, workshops and retreats.

Soul Sparkle’s workshops and retreats bring women together so they can learn the art of self love and how to connect to the most truest part of themselves……their soul. When we learn the art of self love and soul connection every single area of our lives becomes enriched and flows with ease.

Our workshops and retreats include Yoga, Meditation, Self Love, Sparkle Sessions, Soul Emergence, Connection, Tantra, Nutrition and Modern Day Spirituality.

It all starts with a choice, to want more for yourself, to feel how worthy you are of everything you desire and commit to a better path where happiness and joy are a daily occurrence for no reason.

It is my dream to help you see your own light and the amazing path that awaits you in the world, I know that huge change is possible in our lives and I want to share with you all the tools that helped me on my journey to self-love and soul connection which allowed me to start living my magical life.

As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same – Marianne Williamson

Whether you’re an experienced yogi or are brand new to the practice our workshops and retreats cater for all levels, we are about holistic health and approaching radiant wellness and fierce self love from a multi modality perspective.

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Love Caryn